Hail damage claims backlogged by shortage of adjusters

Some Calgarians hit by hail damage in a storm back on Aug. 12 are still waiting for an insurance adjuster to show up.
Hail damage claims from the summer are backlogged by a shortage of adjusters. 1:42

Some Calgarians hit by hail damage in a storm on Aug. 12 are still waiting for an insurance adjuster to show up. 

The Canadian Independent Adjusters Association says part of the backlog in getting claims processed is a shortage of adjusters.

"So as a result somebody's getting the short end of the stick, and that's typically the policy holders," said past president Greg Merrithew. 

"And normally then about 30 days after an event is when we start to have complaints in the insurance industry about the service levels in the insurance industry as a whole."

At Concourse Collision in the southeast, general manager Tark Sadden says they are still doing a couple of estimates a day.   "A lot of insurance companies have had to bring out triage teams from across the country," he said. 

Could take up to 2 years

"I know of one insurance company that have brought in five people to work in their drive-in appraisal centre from out in Ontario."

Sadden says they may have up to two years of work ahead because the hail stones were large and caused a lot of damage.

Merrithew says companies are having trouble attracting workers and a large number of adjusters are retiring.

He suggests that if the hail damage isn't dangerous people should wait a while to file their claims.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada reported earlier this month that two hailstorms in southern Alberta this summer could result in more than $200 million in insured damages.