William Aberhart gun threat not handled properly, say students

Some William Aberhart students are upset the Calgary school's administration did not share a possible shooting threat made recently more quickly.

School added security measures but delayed informing students

Police presence outside William Aberhart H.S. in northwest Calgary following a written threat by a student to use a firearm. (CBC)

Some William Aberhart High School students in northwest Calgary are upset the school's administration did not immediately share information about a possible shooting threat.

The student's threat to shoot a firearm at school before the end of June was discovered by an assistant principal during a review of an anonymous student survey.

It occurred last Thursday, but the school did not inform students and parents until it sent a letter on Monday. 

Despite the threat, the school proceeded with final exams. 

Grade 10 student Jack Walters is critical of the delay in telling students about the threat. (CBC)

According to the letter, signed by the principal Tamie Annis-Johnson, William Aberhart did take measures — including the hiring of a security guard and locking all exterior doors, except the main entrance.

Calgary police have also stepped up its presence at the high school.

'What if it actually happened?'

"It's worrying," said Grade 10 student Jack Walters. "It's probably just someone letting off steam but still, there's always a, 'What if it actually happened?'"

Grade 12 student Brittany Lockhart, 17,  and Grade 11 student Asia Littleshields, 16,  say the school should have acted more quickly to inform them of the threat.

Students Brittany Lockhart (left) and Asia Littleshields say the administration of William Aberhart should have informed students more quickly of a threat made by a fellow student. (CBC)

"They should have — it's a danger to our lives. If someone's going to come and shoot up the school ... once they find out they should say something right away," said Lockhart.

"Especially with the shootings around Orlando.... It's scary because it could happen to us and if we're getting threats I think they should notify us sooner," added Littleshields.

The administration is asking Aberhart students to stay vigilant and be aware of what is being written on their friends' blogs and social media posts.