Young golfing siblings sink holes-in-one just days apart

Calgary golfers Kohen and Kali Yeske have taken sibling rivalry to new heights.

Kohen Yeske, 10, and Kali Yeske, 8, are the youngest to score an ace at Gull Lake Golf Course

Kali Yeske, 8, and brother Kohen, 10, each got a hole-in-one days apart on the same hole at the Gull Lake Golf Course. (Shawna Yeske)

Calgary golfers Kohen and Kali Yeske have taken sibling rivalry to new heights.

Last Tuesday, 10-year-old Kohen hit a hole-in-one on the fourth hole at the Gull Lake Golf Course — making him the youngest ever to do it at the club about 180 kilometres north of Calgary. Four days later, eight-year-old Kali matched the feat on the same hole.

"It's 120 yards and I hit the green and it rolled," Kohen told the Calgary Eyeopener on Tuesday.

"I hit a hill and it rolled right into the hole. I threw my club and it almost hit me, so I had to dodge it because I wasn't looking because I was too happy."

Kali's celebration was similarly celebratory.

"I hit my driver… and it just bounced in," she said. "I one-bounced it in. We screamed a lot then we had a big group hug."

Both kids are part of the Junior League program at the course.

Kali Yeske, 8, and Kohen Yeske, 10, ring the bell after hitting holes-in-one in the same week at the Gull Lake Golf Course. (Shawna Yeske)

A tradition in golf calls for whoever hits a hole-in-one to buy a round of drinks in the clubhouse, but being eight- and 10-years-old, the Yeskes had to improvise.

"We had a very big ice cream bill last week," said mom, Shawna Yeske. "Instead of beers, because they are juniors, the owner and I decided we would buy all the kids ice cream."

They also got to ring a bell mounted on the clubhouse wall, and their names will be added to an annual plaque recognizing golfers who hit an ace.

The feat has been inspirational for the youngsters.

"Kohen wanted to golf a lot this summer, and since this hole-in-one he has golfed 11 days in a row, and today will probably be the 12th day in a row," said Shawna.

"We just try to keep it fun."

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener