Grizzly hits slopes at Lake Louise, shuts down part of ski hill

Staff at Lake Louise had to temporarily shut down the front side of the mountain earlier this week while a grizzly bear went for a jaunt along the slopes.

Staff diverted skiers from front side of mountain while bear lolloped along runs

The bear affectionately known by Lake Louise staff as "Olivia" went for a jaunt on several runs on the front side of the ski hill on Tuesday, including Pine Cone Way, Wiwaxy and Cameron's Way. (Lake Louise Ski Resort)

Staff at Lake Louise had to temporarily shut down the front side of the mountain earlier this week while a grizzly bear went for a jaunt along the slopes.

"She was running up and down the runs all over the place having a great time," said resort spokesperson Dan Markham.

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Markham said the female bear has been a summer inhabitant on the mountain for several years.

"She's affectionately known around here as Olivia."

Skiers and snowboarders were diverted to backside of the resort via the gondola for about three hours on Tuesday while Olivia went lolloping along several runs, including Pine Cone Way, Wiwaxy and Cameron's Way.

Parks Canada was also on site to ensure the grizzly had lots of space to roam.

A female grizzly bear left paw print in the snow along several runs at Lake Louise on Tuesday, temporarily shutting down the ski hill. (Lake Louise Ski Resort)