Grey Cup pancake breakfast shows off Western hospitality

Let's face it - Calgary knows how to throw a great party.

Game day pancake breakfast tradition started by Calgary Grey Cup Comittee in 1948

Calgary Stampeders fans hand out free sausages during the Grey Cup pancake breakfast Friday in Vancouver. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

Let's face it — Calgary knows how to throw a great party.

Anyone who's been to the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth," also known as the Calgary Stampede, knows this first-hand and also understands the importance of the traditional pancake breakfast. To get fans and Grey Cup-goers into the Western spirit of things, the Calgary Grey Cup Committee hosted a pancake breakfast on Friday for both Stampeder and Ti-Cat fans alike.

More than 2,000 hungry fans got to fill their bellies with free pancakes and sausages at the Grey Cup Festival.

Tuffy gets an apple as he visits a hotel as part of Calgary Stampeders Grey Cup festivities in downtown Vancouver, B.C. Friday, Nov. 28, 2014. (Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press)

The Grey Cup pancake breakfast is a tradition that dates back to 1948, when the Calgary Grey Cup Committee took the festivities to a new stomach-filling level.

And let me just say, the folks here flipping pancakes and greeting fans are great ambassadors for the City of Calgary.

Another Calgary Grey Cup tradition involves bringing a horse into a hotel lobby in the city hosted the big game. 

That tradition continued Friday afternoon at the Holiday Inn in downtown Vancouver, Tuffy the horse — who lives on a farm in Langley, B.C. but is from Calgary — strutted into the lobby and was greeted by fanfare and beer.

Calgary will also be allowed to have a touchdown horse on the sideline during the game at B.C. Place — a tradition denied to the team in Toronto two years ago.

As for the team, they are now just one practice away from the biggest game of the season and for some, of their lives.

I'll be catching up with the Stampeders at B.C. Place one final time to find out how they're feeling but my sense is they'll be as calm and relaxed as they've been all week.

I'll also have photos from the Grey Cup parade, practice and perhaps some of the parties happening here in Vancouver as the countdown to kickoff continues.