Glenmore Trail delays during Calgary rush hour due to broken joint

Glenmore Trail was brought to a slow crawl during the Thursday rush hour as crews repaired a broken expansion joint that came loose on the westbound lanes in southwest Calgary.

Drivers only had one lane to get around road crews

Backlog of traffic during afternoon rush along westbound Glenmore Trail at 11 Street S.E. due to a bust expansion joint. Repair work expected to last hours. (City of Calgary Highway Camera)

Glenmore Trail was brought to a slow crawl during the Thursday rush hour as crews worked to repair a broken expansion joint that came loose on the westbound lanes of the overpass above 11th Street S.E. 

Drivers only had one lane to get around road crews blocking the middle and left lanes to repair the broken joint. 

"Generally something like a joint popping out would be just general wear and tear so there wasn't anything specific that we could pinpoint at this point in time," said Brittany Kustra, spokesperson with with Calgary roads department. 

"It can happen just when a bridge is getting further into its life cycle."

She said she hasn't received any direct reports of tires being popped or any specific damage, but recommended calling 311 to report any issues.

"There's no immediate danger, there's no structural damage to the bridge right now... it's just something that happened due to general wear and tear."

Crews have been repairing the bridge, which at some point will need to be completely replaced, although Kustra didn't specify exactly when that would happen.

Three other bridges along Glenmore Trail have had work done on them over the summer. 

Kustra recommends taking an alternate route home.


  • An earlier version of the story identified 11th Street S.W. as the intersection.
    Oct 29, 2015 5:08 PM MT