Former Calgary pathologist sues province for $30M

A former Calgary medical examiner is seeking $30 million for what he alleges was a smear campaign against him.

Dr. Evan Matshes seeks $30 million for alleged loss of income and reputational damage

A former Calgary medical examiner is seeking $30 million for what he alleges was a smear campaign against him.

Through a statement of claim filed last week, Dr. Evan Matshes alleges several individuals, led by Calgary's current chief medical examiner, launched a smear campaign against him. Though none of the allegations have been proven in court, the document alleges there was a conspiracy to destroy Matshes' reputation and career.

"The action of the government defendants...were undertaken maliciously and with the deliberate intention to cause the plaintiff reputational harm and in an effort to ruin the plaintiff's career," reads part of the claim.

According to the document, some of the most damaging information spread by Dr Anny Sauvageau — Alberta's chief medical examiner — and the other defendants were the findings of a highly publicized 2012 panel review of some of his work.

The external review found Matshes' results in 13 of 14 cases were "unreasonable" but the panel's findings were discredited by a judge last November.

The panel members have also been named as defendants as well as the province's justice ministry.

Allegations of "callous, arrogant conduct"

Matshes began working as the assistant chief medical examiner as the office in 2010.

The document claims Sauvageau asked Matshes to support her efforts to be appointed to the position in 2011 but he refused, citing her lack of training and certification.

It's after that she's accused spreading the slanderous information.

"The malicious, high-handed, callous and arrogant conduct of the defendants ...displays a wanton and flagrant disregard for the plaintiff's rights," reads the document.

Matches now works for the medical investigator in New Mexico.

He claims he's stuck there because no other organizations will hire him and says he's lost his consulting practice and other income.

The pathologist is seeking $30 million to make up for lost income and damages to his career and personal life.

Statements of defence haven't yet been filed.