Foonyap reinvents classical violin to make Asian folk electronica

Foonyap joins host Katherine Duncan to trace her path from reluctant classical violinist to independent solo artist, and shares some of the genre-defying original music on her debut solo album, "Palimpsest."

Musician trades classical violin for original electronic music with Asian and folk influences

Foonyap is featured this week on Key of A. (Anastasia Lutz-Orozco)

Calgary artist Foonyap turned from playing classical violin to creating original music she describes as "Asian folk electronica."

Hear her story, and some of the music she's performing at the 2018 Block Heater Festival in Calgary, this week on Key of A.

To find out more about how she creates the sounds of traditional Asian instruments, check out this video from CBC Music.

Plus, shout-outs to the seven Alberta bands and solo artists nominated for Juno Awards this year!

​Our artists snagged nominations in the reggae, blues, electronic, country, metal, adult contemporary and pop categories — with a triple nomination for Ruth B. of Edmonton: Pop Album, Artist of the Year and Album of the Year!

Edmonton-based musician Ruth B. (Submitted by Ruth B.)

You'll hear music by Ruth B. and her fellow Alberta Juno contenders ​Blue Hawaii, Kreesha Turner, High Valley, Nuela CharlesTim Wiliams and Striker.

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Katherine Duncan

Key of A Host

A classically trained musician, Katherine hosts CBC Music (formerly Radio 2) programs Choral Concert and Centre Stage, and highlights original music by Alberta artists on CBC Radio 1's Key of A. From 2016 to 2019, she served as Jury Foreperson of the Polaris Music Prize.