Film festivals, ScreamFest and a Field of Screams: What's on this weekend in Calgary

The weekend is coming up fast and the Homestretch's Ellis Choe has a roundup of entertainment options for us.

Your guide to entertainment in and around Calgary this weekend

ScreamFest is recommended for ages 12 and up for a reason — it's very spooky, and it's on this weekend at the Stampede Grounds. (Trish Pang/ScreamFest)

The weekend is coming up fast and the Homestretch's Ellis Choe has a roundup of entertainment options for us.

Calgary Arab Film Nights Festival

Jasmine Road is showing this weekend as part of the The Calgary Arab Film Nights Festival in Calgary. (Raging River Film)

The Calgary Arab Film Nights Festival is celebrating its eighth year. Because of COVID-19, they're presenting a hybrid format with both in-cinema and online programming. 

Noha Mohamed, with the Calgary Arab Arts Society, says the lineup has been carefully selected.

"The opening night is going to be the Canadian film called Jasmine Road. It's locally produced in Alberta about a Canadian family and a Syrian family and their story together," Mohamed said.

"On the second night, we have a Lebanese movie called 1982. And in light of what had happened in Beirut in August, the explosion and the government offer to match donations for relief efforts, we are making that night kind of special for Beirut. Some of the proceeds are going to go to the Canadian Red Cross." 

The Arab Film Nights Festival kicks off Oct. 23. The in-cinema viewings will be at the Globe Cinema with a cap of 100 people, but the online films are accessible until Nov. 1. Visit the Calgary Arab Art Society for tickets. 

Third Action Film Festival

There's another film festival on this weekend — the Third Action Film Festival celebrates aging and older adults.

"We're trying to replicate our in-person festivals so we get all the same great film," said Mitzi Murray, the executive director of the festival. "We have about 12 fantabulous speakers and there'll be a host who's actually hosting the event.

"They'll do a live introduction, we'll go straight into streaming the film, and then afterwards, if there's a Q&A involved with speakers, then the host will come back. Everything will be live."

The online live festival kicks off Friday night. This year, the films will be available all over Alberta. Go to Third Action Film Festival for tickets and more information.


ScreamFest is recommended for ages 12 and up for a reason — it's very spooky, and it's on this weekend at the Stampede Grounds. (Trish Pang/ScreamFest)

There are a couple of events that'll just be a scream this weekend, starting with ScreamFest at the Stampede Grounds. This year there will be a nightmare market at the BMO Centre as well as several terrifying haunted houses.

The market area is indoors, inside at the Big Four, and show director Tara Connors says there will be plenty to see inside and out.

Our games are inside as well as our axe throwing," Connors said. "And then the haunts themselves — there are six haunted houses — they are all outside.

"They include themes like Clown Town, which I will never go in, Reapers and Grim, the Bates Motel, What Lurks in the Dark, Walking with the Dead and What Lies Beneath."

This event is recommended for ages 12 and up. Screamfest kicks off Thursday and runs this weekend and next weekend until Halloween. Go to ScreamFest for tickets and COVID-19 protocols. 

Field of Screams

Now for something for the entire family to enjoy. The creators of ScreamFest are also turning Cobbs Adventure Park and Corn Maze into a field of screams.

That also kicks off this weekend and goes every Friday and Saturday night until Halloween. There will be six "diabolical" haunted houses and something called a Death Trap. So go to Field of Screams for tickets and more information and dress warmly. 

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra has been rolling out a free virtual concert series like a gradual crescendo. 

They launched the series with just a string solo and duet, and now it's grown to a concert with six and seven performers this weekend, which includes woodwinds and brass as well as strings.

That's Saturday night at 7 p.m. Go to for tickets.

Tom Phillips and the DT's

Calgary six-piece band Tom Phillips and the D.T.s have released a new CD called Satellites and Stars. It was recorded back in February as part of the Artist in Residence program at the National Music Centre. Phillips is debuting the new tunes throughout the weekend at the Ironwood, starting tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

With files from The Homestretch


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