Federal Liberal, NDP leaders in Calgary to help candidates

Some political star power in the city Tuesday as campaigning for the byelection in Calgary Centre ramped up.

Bob Rae, Tom Mulcair aim to rally supporters around Calgary Centre hopefuls

WATCH: Mulcair, Rae and May in Calgary

9 years ago
Opposition leaders visit Calgary Centre to boost their candidates in the upcoming byelection. 2:05

Some political star power in the city Tuesday as campaigning for the byelection in Calgary Centre ramped up.

Both NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal interim leader Bob Rae are in town to support their party's candidates in the riding.

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae is in Calgary Tuesday to support Liberal candidate Harvey Locke in the run-up to the byelection on Nov. 26. (CBC)

Rae went door knocking with his party's candidate Harvey Locke Tuesday in the fight for a seat for Calgary Centre.

The Liberals haven't elected an MP in the city since 1968, but Rae thinks Calgary Centre is winnable.

"We have a terrific candidate. It’s the centre of the heart of Calgary, it’s a very diverse riding. It’s in many ways a demographic as they say, is very similar to downtowns all over the country," Rae said.

"He’s going to be able to carry on a very powerful tradition in this riding of people being outspoken, clear on behalf of the diversity of the riding, on behalf of the culture and on behalf of the changes that are underway in our cities right across the country."

NDP supporters pack Melrose

Mulcair was also in Calgary Tuesday night to support candidate Dan Meades.

"We have a great candidate here.... We do really think we have a good shot," he said.

Both Mulcair and Meades spoke to a crowd at Melrose Cafe and Bar.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May was in Calgary earlier this month to support candidate Chris Turner and will be back again on the weekend.

Other candidates running are Conservative Joan Crockatt, Libertarian Tony Prashad and Independent Antoni Grochowski.

The byelection will be held on Nov. 26 to replace Lee Richardson, who took a job as Alberta Premier Alison Redford's principal secretary back in May.