Falice Chin

Senior Producer

Falice is the senior producer of the Cost of Living on CBC Radio. Her international work has appeared in the Financial Times, the National Post, Zacks Investment Research, CBC and others. She's won an RTDNA for investigative journalism in Canada and a World Summit Award for Arab e-content. You can reach her at: falice.chin@cbc.ca

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Banking barriers: How the Canadian financial sector excludes Black entrepreneurs, stifling innovation

Cultural and physical barriers get in the way of Black business owners trying to access banking services in Canada. They share their stories of poor customer service, racial discrimination and unconscious bias at the bank.

The boom in household waste and what our garbage tells us about the COVID economy

Some of Canada’s biggest cities are seeing a surge in household waste, and it's thanks to a combination of COVID-related trends such as more online shopping, disposable goods and home renovations.

Outdoor gear is selling out as Canadians stock up for pandemic staycations

Faced with travel restrictions and health concerns over COVID-19, many Canadians have decided this is the year to explore the great outdoors — and it's causing shortages in stores across the country.

Marriage licences and registrations plummet across Canada during COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus could be impacting the wedding industry, as the number of marriage licences and registrations from the first three weeks of April 2020 appears to be down more than 50 per cent, compared to the same month last year. 

Alberta Party saw a spike in Google searches during and after leaders' debate

People collectively turned to Google to search "Alberta Party" during and after the leaders debate last week.

Final Count: A cheat sheet of all parties running in the Alberta election

From shoe-ins to long shots, here is a quick summary of all the active, registered parties vying for your vote on April 16.

Kenney deemed winner of leaders debate, Vote Compass suggests

One political strategist says NDP Leader Rachel Notley focused too much on attacking UCP Leader Jason Kenney, and failed to convey successes of her NDP government.

Election fact-checker: Leaders debate edition

Albertans tuned in to watch Rachel Notley, Jason Kenney, David Khan and Stephen Mandel debate the issues, but how much was true?

Majority of Albertans support mandatory vaccinations for students, Vote Compass questionnaire finds

Most Albertans believe vaccinations should be mandatory for all students in schools, according to the latest results from the online questionnaire Vote Compass.

Campaign demographics: Breaking down the party numbers

By contrast, the NDP is the only one among the major political parties vying to win the 2019 Alberta provincial election to achieve gender parity. The competitors don't even come close.

Dog poop, rowdy campers, smelly outhouses top Alberta Parks camping complaints

Campground reviews obtained under Freedom of Information request reveal what people love and hate most about camping in Kananaskis and the Calgary area.

Friendship born out of grief: Calgarians touched by murder find solace in gym

Grieving mother and fitness professional say exercise helped pull them out of depression and anger.

Calgary diner claims 'better ketchup' than Heinz

The owner of a mom-and-pop diner in Bridgeland says she wants to shake up the ketchup oligopoly with what she calls “better ketchup.”

Why Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas movie — despite naysayers

Like many other Christmas classics, Die Hard tells the story an imperfect protagonist with a dad bod who must overcome obstacles to learn the meaning of Christmas. Except in this case, it's all while under fire from a group of terrorists.

Hutterites, Olympians among those who learn everything from science to farm safety from this virtual teacher

Whether it's high school science, farm safety or ESL, Stephanie Krammer can teach it all: the only thing missing is a classroom.