Albertans brace for bone-chilling weather and show off their frozen faces

Extreme cold warnings are in place for all of Alberta on Monday as the polar vortex pushes its way across the prairies.

Extreme cold warnings are in place for all of Alberta

It is extremely cold across the Prairies and Albertans are sharing photos of their faces as they brave the frigid temperatures. (Amjad Palani)

Extreme cold warnings are in place for all of Alberta as the polar vortex pushes its way across the Prairies.

In Alberta, the lowest temperature Sunday was recorded in Fort Chipewyan, about 710 km northeast of Edmonton, where it was –47.3 C, breaking the previous record of –45.6 C set in 1936.

Calgary hasn't reached that level of cold yet, but as of Tuesday afternoon it was –25 C, or –36 with the wind chill.

Environment Canada has said the cold snap is expected to persist into the weekend for many areas of Alberta. It recommended covering up as the risk of frost bite is high in these conditions.

CBC Calgary asked Albertans to share photos of their frozen eyelashes, beards and hair as they brave the cold Monday. Here are a few of the snapshots!

(Submitted by Mesho Zkeme)
(Marcel Rivet)
(Submitted by Richie Ivey)
(Submitted by Sarah Stelfox)
(Submitted by Ross Rempel)
(Submitted by Marcel Rivet)
(Submitted by Danielle Gwilliam)
(Submitted by Submitted by Nikki Coronia)
(Submitted by Liam Prost)
(Submitted by Beatriz LeBlanc)
(Ross Rempel)
(Submitted by James Bunz)
(Submitted by Jason Johnson)
(Submitted by Aysha Rahman)
(Submitted by Jessica Coffey)
(Submitted by Bridget Saunders)
(Submitted by Ramtin Dehdari)
(Submitted by Sarah Harrold)
(Submitted by Natasha Hearn)
(Submitted by Bill Harper)
(Submitted by Martin Svejda)
(Submitted by Mandy Johnson)
(Submitted by Anna fe Samoy)
(Mathew A Lloyd)
(Ravi Dhillon)
(Obi Okoye)
(Sylvain Dube)
(Sabrina Richard)
(Jennifer Ezekiel)
(Julie Morrison)
(Kayla Perry)
(Zach Lubbers)
(Christina Hatton-Fearnley)
(Claire Leupold)
(Allison Forsch Sutherland)
(Alejandro Padilla)
(Christine Duffey)
(Melanie Dawson)

With files from Mickey Djuric.


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