Ex-police officer accused in sexual abuse of young girl

A retired Calgary police officer who was sentenced to jail four years ago for child pornography has now been accused of sex crimes dating back to the 1990s involving a seven-year-old girl.

Stephen Huggett was jailed in 2009 for child pornography offences

A retired Calgary police officer faces sex-related charges related to allegations involving a pre-teen girl in the early 1990s 1:51

A retired Calgary police officer who was sentenced to jail four years ago for child pornography has now been accused of sex crimes dating back to the 1990s involving a seven-year-old girl.

Stephen Huggett, seen here in 2009 shortly before he was jailed for child pornography offences, is now charged with sexually abusing a teenage girl. (CBC)

Police allege Stephen Huggett, 59, met the victim through her mother.

He was arrested Tuesday and released on bail. He is charged with one count each of invitation to sexual touching with a child under 14 years and sexual interference with a child under 14 years.

Huggett was sentenced in 2009 to nine months in jail after he pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography.

He told the sentencing judge he possessed the images and videos not for sexual gratification but as part of his personal quest to trace the source of the material and rescue the victims.

Earlier this year, police said Huggett was facing new charges of criminal harassment and child pornography after a year-long investigation stemming from a complaint from his ex-girlfriend.

Insp. Cliff O'Brien with the Major Crimes Unit says they haven't ruled out laying further charges in the future.

"The previous investigation that we did we were able to uncover hundreds of exhibits that we're still looking through ... [including] tapes and computers and electronic devices," he said.

O'Brien says Huggett was a general patrol officer at the time of the alleged incidents, but he was off-duty.

According to the Calgary Police Association, that means they won't be obligated to cover Huggett's legal fees. But the president of the association told CBC News that he doesn't believe Huggett's pension will be affected, even if he is found guilty.

Huggett’s next court appearance is set for Aug. 29.