Erin Collins

Senior reporter

Erin Collins is an award-winning senior reporter with CBC National News based in Calgary.

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After more than a century in U.K., Blackfoot relics could soon come home

Alberta's Siksika Nation is lobbying a British museum to return clothing and other items that once belonged to Chief Crowfoot, who signed the historic Treaty 7 between Alberta First Nations and the Crown in 1877.

Volunteers upload the stories of Canadians who died liberating the Netherlands in WW II

May 2020 will mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the German occupation of the Netherlands. Thousands of Canadians died liberating the country, and now Dutch and Canadian volunteers are collecting their pictures and stories and posting them online.

Calgary couple builds business and community with coffee

A Mount Pleasant family is building a business and their community with a unique coffee roasting business run out of their home.

Alberta village that started mining coal and shifted to oil and gas struggles to make a go with wind

The village of Halkirk in central Alberta was founded by the coal industry and thrived during the oil boom decades later. Now, its landscape is dotted with wind turbines. As Erin Collins reports, this latest transition hasn't been easy.

On the road in Canada's conservative heartland

Alberta's election is just days away, and if the polls are to be believed the United Conservative Party is set to sweep into power. It signals a trend of sorts, as conservative parties have recently won in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick too, possible signs of a conservative resurgence in Canada.

Local ranchers give land and cattle worth $44M to U of C vet school

The donation of a $44-million ranch will allow students at the University of Calgary's School of Veterinary Medicine to get out of the classroom and get their hands a little dirty.

How the quest for the perfect steak led this Alberta restaurant and ranch to buy an $80,000 bull

A restaurant in Calgary and a southern Alberta ranch have teamed up to buy a prize Angus bull and are using it to breed cattle with an ideal amount of marbling to make the perfect steak.

World Cup fades and comb-overs cause a buzz at Calgary barbershops

The beautiful game's biggest show is in full bloom but it's not just the football that has fans talking during the World Cup.

First Nations teens dig into their ancestors' past at archeological site

A group of First Nations students are getting a chance to dig up their ancestral past while taking part in an archaeology project near Cluny, Alta. The goal is to help the young people reconnect with their history at the source.

Rising oil prices could push Alberta back into the black and reverse NDP's political fortunes

Alberta is projecting a deficit of more than $8 billion this year. It is a bottom line that doesn't sit well with many voters in the province, but the rising price of oil could change that fiscal outlook - and possibly also the prospects of Alberta's NDP government.

Why killing Alberta's carbon tax could kill Kinder Morgan pipeline

Alberta's United Conservatives say that if they gain power in next year's provincial election their first job will be to kill the province's carbon tax. If they do, Kinder Morgan's controversial pipeline expansion project could wind up the collateral damage.

Mountie sues RCMP, alleging 'systemic harassment'

A Mountie is suing the RCMP, alleging that some of his fellow officers committed serious offences, and that he was bullied and abused when he tried to blow the whistle on them, according to legal documents.

'It's not impossible': Western Canada's risk of water shortages rising

Cape Town is close to becoming the first major city in the world to run out of water. As the South African city confronts its water crisis, scientists in Canada warn that a similar situation is possible here.

What's fuelling the potential bitcoin mining boom in Canada

Cheap, reliable power has foreign bitcoin miners calling Canadian utilities and energy companies in hopes of cashing in on the cryptocurrency craze.

Alberta's beleaguered energy sector is making a comeback

New technology and a stable price of oil have combined to make Alberta's Duvernay Formation one of the hottest energy plays around, attracting billions in investment and spurring a comeback for the province's beleaguered energy sector.