Erica Wiebe claims gold as Calgarians cheer from afar

The cheers were deafening at Calgary's Riverstone Pub this afternoon, where friends, wrestling community members and otherwise "BeWiebers" exploded with excitement as wrestler Erica Wiebe claimed Canada's fourth gold medal of the 2016 Olympics.

Wiebe just the 3rd Canadian to claim Olympic wrestling gold

Calgary's Riverstone Pub explodes with cheers as Erica Wiebe claims Olympic gold

6 years ago
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The 27-year-old Olympic champion trains and lives in Calgary and is a University of Calgary Dino's alumna

The cheers were deafening at Calgary's Riverstone Pub this afternoon, where friends, wrestling community members and otherwise "BeWiebers" exploded with excitement as wrestler Erica Wiebe claimed Canada's fourth gold medal of the 2016 Olympics.

The 27-year-old University of Calgary Dino's alumna pinned her opponent Guzel Manyurova of Khazakstan three times to win 6-0 in the 75-kilogram final Thursday afternoon.

Canada's Erica Elizabeth Wiebe celebrates after beating Kazakhstan's Guzel Manyurova for the gold in the women's wrestling freestyle 75-kg competition at Rio 2016 Thursday. (Charlie Riedel/Associated Press)

"She did everything right," said Mitch Ostberg, Wiebe's former coach and current UC Dino's head coach. 

"She defended her points. She attacked her points. She fatigued her opponent through aggressive hand-fighting. She did everything right."

Wiebe, originally from Ontario, moved to Calgary in 2007 to pursue a Kinesiology degree at the U of C.

Fans and friends of Erica Wiebe, gold medal wrestling champion, gathered in Calgary to cheer the local athlete Thursday afternoon. (Mike Spenrath/CBC)

Ostberg said her potential even back then was undeniable.

"Erica has been a force since she came to the University of Calgary," he said.

"She is sound and determined at every step. She trains her hardest every day. It's not actually a surprise. She has been headed towards this for quite some time."

Wiebe is the first Dino to win an individual Olympic gold medal since Mark Tewksbury in the 1992 100-metre backstroke.

Erica Wiebe catches a ride with teammate Jasmine Mian, who tweeted "I present to you the #UnBEWIEBABLE Olympic Champion." (Andrea Lee-Greenberg)

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