Enmax chairman Cliff Fryers resigns

Cliff Fryers announces his resignation as chairman of the Enmax Corporation's board of directors.

Cliff Fryers announces his resignation as chairman of the Enmax Corporation's board of directors.

Fryers, who advised the board of the utility company he was interested in retirement back in May, cited both personal and business reasons as being the force behind his retirement.

"Several months ago, I advised the board I would remain as chair through any transition period but I would resign in the fall," he said in a statement released Thursday. "I am incredibly proud of our achievements during the past eight years, building Enmax into one of the largest vertically integrated utility companies in the province of Alberta and creating a vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future for electricity."

Fryers was appointed chair of the Calgary-based company in May 2010 after having served on the board for several years.

He often defended former CEO Gary Holden, who was fired in January 2011 following the discovery that he took a trip to the French Riviera courtesy of a company that does business with Enmax.

Alderman Andre Chabot said he and some others of the council think Fryer’s resignation is for the best.

"Well there's a few of us that weren't all that enthused about some of the comments that he made back when we were having some issues with Enmax and some of the things that had transpired over the years so we kind of were advocating for his resignation although not formally requesting it," Chabot said.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Calgary.

Former provinicial energy minister Gregory Melchin has been appointed as Fryers replacement.

Melchin joined the board of directors at Enmax in 2008. He currently chairs the audit and finance committee.