Discounts coming to 600 Alberta stores for block heaters, LED lights and programmable thermostats

The province is rolling out its next round of instant savings on energy efficient products so Albertans can lower their utility bills this winter.

Instant savings on energy efficient products let Albertans lower utility bills this winter

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips announced the next round of the Energy Efficiency Alberta program for the fall. (Dave Will/CBC)

The province is rolling out its next round of instant savings on energy efficient products so Albertans can lower their utility bills this winter.

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips made the announcement Thursday in Calgary at the Alberta Climate Summit hosted by the Pembina Institute.

"Alberta, until a year ago, was the only jurisdiction in North America without any efficiency programs," the minister said.

"You even saw places in the deep red states of the United States that had these programs in place where Alberta did not."

She says fall and winter are the most energy-intensive seasons, so at-the-till savings on things like programmable thermostats and outdoor timers for block heaters will make it easier for Albertans to lower their utility bills.

The fall campaign runs until Oct. 29, with the savings offered at more than 600 retailers.

40,000% jump in low-flow shower head sales

The minister called Energy Efficiency Alberta's spring program a huge success.

"When these programs do roll out, people embrace them," says Phillips.

Phillips says Albertans purchased more than four million products so far through that campaign. The province says sales of energy efficient products jumped:

  • Smart power bars: 1,658 per cent.
  • Low-flow shower heads: 39,665 per cent.
  • Programmable thermostats: 264 per cent.
  • Outdoor clothesline: 43 per cent.
  • Motion sensors: 449 per cent.
  • LED lights (non a-line): 8,020 per cent.
  • LED lights (a-line): 14,545 per cent.
  • LED fixtures: 975 per cent.
  • Heavy duty timers: 608 per cent.
  • Dimmer switches: 239 per cent.
  • Aerator: 120 per cent.

Phillips says she's not surprised Albertans have been enthusiastic about what she calls a "low-hanging fruit option" to save money and energy.


  • An earlier version of this story indicated holiday lights were included in the savings program when, in fact, they are not.
    Sep 28, 2017 8:43 PM MT

With files from Dave Will