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Elissa Carpenter is a reporter with CBC Calgary.

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National study says 'our children are not alright' under mounting stress of pandemic

A report released Tuesday argues that the COVID-19 pandemic is making a bad situation worse as far as the mental and physical health of Canadian kids.

Calgary vets seeing lots of dogs this summer due to prevalence of foxtail barley

Foxtail barley is a wild grass that has wispy ends that resemble the tail of a fox — and are full of tiny seeds that can spell big problems for dogs.

Pitbull pitfall? City survey poses breed-specific set of questions

The City of Calgary is seeking input for phase two of engagement on its responsible pet ownership bylaw — and a portion on nuisance dogs is receiving particular attention.

Parents call for alternative school re-entry plan at rally outside education minister's office

Parents and caregivers from across Alberta gathered outside Education Minister Adriana LaGrange's constituency office on Monday to ask that an alternative school re-entry plan be put in place for students with complex learning needs.

'People will die needlessly,' advocacy group says, as closure date looms for ARCHES

ARCHES will cease to offer safe consumption service, including needle debris pickup in Lethbridge, at the end of August.

Steps taken to ensure security of patient information after data breach in Lethbridge

The director of the health clinic at the University of Lethbridge says she has taken steps to ensure patient information remains secure after a data breach earlier this summer.

Calgary long-haul trucker questions why he wasn't allowed to escort his wife to surgery

A Calgary truck driver says he just wanted to get his wife checked in for surgery and relay a couple of questions to her doctor but was refused entrance to the hospital because of his occupation.

'I'm pretty flummoxed': Calgary mayor says council made wrong call on land annex vote

Calgary city council has passed a motion to open annexation talks with the Municipal District of Foothills against the recommendation of city administration, for an area on the southern edge of Calgary.

Calgary cabbie helps senior dodge social insurance scam

Norman Williams considers himself to be a pretty savvy senior, and he tries to keep up with scams targeting people his age. But recently the 87-year-old nearly lost $14,000.

U of L health data breach affects more than 1,200 patients

A health centre staff member at the University of Lethbridge included confidential information in a non-encrypted spreadsheet and accidentally emailed it to a student.

Injuries rise with popularity of e-scooters on Calgary streets

A Calgary couple is telling a cautionary tale about e-scooters that involves an ambulance ride, a broken jaw and surgery.

Families of Michener Centre residents say dental service closure puts them in tough spot

The families of residents at the Michener Centre, a facility for adults with developmental disabilities, say it didn't notify them that its dental service was ending until three months after it happened, leaving them in the lurch.

Parks Canada staff forced to euthanize two wolves in one week

Parks Canada staff have had a difficult July in Banff. They've had to euthanized two wolves in under a week.

Charges dropped against Calgary woman who accused police of excessive force

When Calgarian Tara Yaschuk shared video of her arrest with CBC News, she wanted to support the growing public outcry for police reform.

COVID-19 social distancing hits restaurants hard

With people staying home and regulations ordering lower capacities for some larger spaces, restaurants in Calgary are being hit by the coronavirus pandemic.