Elissa Carpenter

Elissa Carpenter is a reporter with CBC Calgary.

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Surplus of abandoned homes frustrates Bankview residents

Some Calgarians in the inner city neighbourhood say they are tired of being surrounded by a mess that is driving down their property values and bringing social disorder to their street.

Investigation finds Calgary Remand Centre mishandled requests for public information

Alberta’s Information and privacy commissioner says she had immediate concerns about how freedom of information requests were being handled by the Calgary Remand Centre, after she was asked to deny the requests of an inmate.

Five turkeys spared after 'liberation lockdown' descends on commercial farm in southern Alberta

Dozens of animal rights activists spent much of their labour day at a southern Alberta farm engaged in what they are calling a liberation lockdown for turkeys.

Calgary's economic transition will require adaptable workers, new skills

As Calgary's economic recovery continues, business leaders and post-secondary educators want to see things done differently in the future. They say how the next crop of graduates is trained is as important as what they are taught in the classroom.

Canada-wide warrant issued for mom who vanished with 4-year-old in international custody battle

A Canada-wide warrant has been issued by RCMP for a woman who was ordered to safely return her child to his father in Spain, but instead allegedly fled for an unknown destination in Europe.

Thieves try to steal show (literally) from Calgary theatre company

About halfway through the show's run at the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre, volunteers discovered they had been robbed.

Retrial underway more than 9 years after Calgary bartender was shot and killed

A Calgary man is on trial for the second time, accused of killing bartender Dexter Bain in 2010.

Nathan Gervais' 1st-degree murder trial begins

Dale Hird says he will be in court every day as the man accused of killing his son stands trial for first degree murder.

Former chief Rick Hanson grilled on Calgary police department's actions during inquiry

Former Calgary police chief Rick Hanson spent more than four hours answering questions — not about the conduct of two officers on the day they arrested Jason Arkinstall, but about the actions of his department, after a judge acquitted Arkinstall and chastised the officers.