Elections Alberta disqualifies 13 candidates from next vote

Thirteen people who ran in the last provincial election won't be allowed to run in the next one.

14 chief financial officers also sanctioned for breaches of paperwork requirements

Elections Alberta says 13 candidates who failed to file the proper paperwork in the last election will not be eligible to run in the next election. (CBC)

Thirteen people who ran in the last provincial election won't be running in the next one because they have been declared ineligible for not following all the rules.     

Seven people who ran for the Liberals last year, four independents, one Alberta Party candidate, and one Wildrose Party candidate cannot be on the ballot in the next election, according to Elections Alberta.

The people on the list have been declared ineligible to run for up to eight years because they either failed to file required paperwork on time, or didn't file at all.

Alberta's deputy chief electoral officer, Drew Westwater, says 14 other people who acted as chief financial officers (CFOs) for candidates have also been sanctioned for filing late or failing to file papers.

"The CFOs are also prohibited from being nominated as candidates if they had ambitions to do that at a future date as well," he said, later adding they are barred from acting as CFOs during the sanction period as well. 

Westwater says 12 candidates and 12 CFOs were declared ineligible after the 2012 election for the same reasons.

More than 60 people are currently on the Elections Alberta list of people who cannot run because of their actions in past elections.


  • An earlier version of this story quoted Drew Westwater saying sanctioned CFOs could act in that position again during the sanction period. Westwater misspoke and later clarified that they are ineligible to run as either candidates or as CFOs. In addition, a previous version of this story said two dozen candidates were declared ineligible to run in 2012, but it was actually 12 candidates and 12 CFOs.
    Apr 04, 2016 3:37 PM MT
  • An earlier version of this story incorrectly said three Alberta candidates and five Liberals had been ruled ineligible to run again. In fact, one Alberta Party candidate and seven Liberal candidates were put on the list published by Elections Alberta. The confusion was due to Elections Alberta using "ALP and "LIB" interchangeably as the abbreviation for the Liberal party.
    Apr 04, 2016 1:40 PM MT


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