Edgemont residents petition neighbours to beautify boulevards

Residents in Edgemont are canvassing their neighbours to pony up some cash to green up their community.

'You can complain and complain but you know, that just makes you old,' says resident

A public boulevard in the N.W. communities of Scenic Acres (left) and Edgemont (right). Residents in Scenic Acres pay a monthly fee, separate from city taxes, to maintain their public green spaces. (Edgemont Community Association)

About 100 Edgemont residents have been knocking on their neighbour's doors, asking them to pony up some cash to enhance their community's green space.

They say over the last 20 years, compared to other northwest communities — such as Hamptons and Citadel — Edgemont has deteriorated.

"Ours is full of yellow and weeds. Just basically disintegrating boulevards," said Ajmer Atwal, one of the volunteer canvassers.

While the City of Calgary does budget about $200,000 per year for basic maintenance on public green spaces in the neighbourhood, Atwal says it's not enough.

About 100 Edgmont volunteers have been canvassing their neighbourhood to collect signatures from residents to bring in the LEAF program. (Edgemont Community Association)

And so, he and his legion of volunteers have been asking Edgemont residents to sign a petition to create a separate fund for neighbourhood beautification.

Under the LEAF program, every Edgemont household would pay $7 per month to pay for litter clean-up, mowing and fertilizing public boulevards and planting new trees, shrubs and flower pots.

"You can complain and complain but you know, that just makes you old. We just decided instead of complaining, let's do something positive," said Tom Williams, who is co-organizing the petition with Atwal.

The LEAF program already exists in several Calgary communities, including Hawkwood and Scenic Acres, and would inject about $400,000 every year into Edgemont.

Williams says the community has already collected more than 3,400 of the 3,600 signatures needed to move forward with the program.


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