Duane Bratt

Duane Bratt is the chair and a professor in the department of economics, justice, and policy studies at Mount Royal University.

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OPINION | CBC News Poll: More autonomy isn't on the agenda for most Albertans, especially given Covid-19

Even before the impact of COVID-19 became clear, before the conciliatory tones at the podiums and this new imperative for interprovincial and federal co-operation, Albertans showed little support for the fair deal proposals.

A divided Alberta was on display at United Conservative Party's AGM

In December, it's usually A Christmas Carol that people recite from Charles Dickens. However, watching this weekend’s United Conservative Party’s AGM, political scientist Duane Bratt says, a different Dickens novel came to his mind.

ANALYSIS | The political science of the 'fair deal' panel

If the ideas being considered by the 'fair deal' panel are fully implemented, it would mean a complete reformulation of Alberta's place in Canada, Duane Bratt writes. It could also lead to other provinces adopting similar policies, resulting in a substantial fracturing of Canada.

How the 2015 election changed Alberta politics, no matter what happens in 2019

Regardless of who wins the 2019 provincial election, Alberta has been fundamentally altered by the results of the 2015 election and its aftermath.

While anger is a great strategic tool for winning elections, it is a poor strategy for governing

Once you've won public office, the most effective way to succeed in your political ambitions is to lead with a cool head. Political scientist Duane Bratt looks at the choices facing Alberta’s politicians ahead of the next election.

How Jason Kenney's plan to 'fight back' helps and hurts him

'There is an internal contradiction within Jason Kenney’s ambitions.' Political scientist Duane Bratt on Jason Kenney’s strategy of fighting back, and what it means to his future.

The Trans Mountain blame game and why we should get ready for Premier Jason Kenney

"The Federal Court of Appeal did not just quash the extension project for the Trans Mountain Pipeline last week, it effectively ended Rachel Notley’s NDP government’s re-election efforts," says political scientist Duane Bratt.

Notley, Singh, Horgan and the pipeline that sparked an NDP civil war

In short, being premier of Alberta trumps party ideology and partisan relationships, says political scientist Duane Bratt.

A lot of spin and a little misrepresentation: Why Kenney's political message is winning over Albertans

Jason Kenney is a formidable politician whose political messaging has made Albertans view the facts — and the "alternative facts" — in a way that benefits the UCP, says political scientist Duane Bratt.

The serious challenges facing Stephen Mandel and the Alberta Party

The leadership race represented a major gamble by the Alberta Party. And now it, and its new leader Stephen Mandel, face the daunting tasks of fundraising, party building and attracting candidates.

Playing the politics of Alberta's multibillion-dollar debt

Based on history, Duane Bratt says it would appear that Rachel Notley could go down to a hard defeat in 2019 — punished for rapidly increasing Alberta’s debt load. But as the political scientist tells us, there's a counter narrative that the NDP could play, and that's the fear of the bad old days of debt reduction.

Why the Trans Mountain expansion is too politicized

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has called the NEB's conditional approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion "a sham" — but that makes political scientist Duane Bratt question whether he even read the report.

The Alberta budget will polarize the political system

Duane Bratt on the political gamble that is the Alberta budget. And whether it will turn the NDP into a 'one hit wonder.'

Duane Bratt on the politics behind Rachel Notley's royalty review

The review is done, the politics under way. Duane Bratt on how NDP ideology ran head-on into political reality, and Rachel Notley is now being criticized by the left and the right. Why some of the government's allies say it's been 'captured by industry.'

Courting Calgary will be key for NDP to have a hope at re-election

With myriad challenges to face, including the low price of oil, the NDP has to focus on shoring up support in Calgary if it wants to hold on to power in 2019.