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Unintended consequences and the change to Alberta post-secondary funding

There are unintended consequences whenever a government decides that post-secondary performance is something that can be distilled on a spreadsheet, or that the value of a university education is in its contribution to the workforce.

Alberta RCMP investigating whether donors to UCP 'kamikaze' campaign were defrauded

The RCMP is investigating the "kamikaze" United Conservative Party leadership campaign of Jeff Callaway for possible fraud, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

Alberta post-secondary funding will be tied to performance

The Alberta government announced Monday that it intends to tie post-secondary funding to performance measures. 

Council looks at spending another $30M to ease business property tax increases

Calgary city council could hand over another $30 million this year in order to, once again, soften the blow of property tax increases on some city businesses. 

These documents reveal who pays for cost overruns and more in Calgary's controversial arena deal with Flames

Details about cost overruns, flood mitigation costs, taxes, timelines for construction and more: For the first time, Calgarians can read the fine print in the city's controversial arena deal with the Flames hockey team ownership.

Alberta doctor killed by avalanche stayed alive long enough for one last call from her mom

Dr. Laura Kosakoski had just skied her last run of the day on a Banff mountainside when she was buried by an avalanche. By the time her husband and a friend managed to dig out the popular Canmore doctor two hours later, she was blue but lasted long enough in hospital for a last goodbye.

Calgary has a sex doll rental service and, yes, they clean them

Clients can rent one of 14 dolls — 13 women and one man — at a cost of $189 for two hours or $289 per night. 

Wife of Walmart shooting victim says she went numb when her husband's body went cold

Roxine Williams had spent the day with her husband, Jim, joking and laughing about Christmas shopping, when he realized he forgot to buy deodorant. She suggested they stop at Walmart. Within minutes, Jim would be dead.

After years of slumps, interprovincial migration to Alberta jumps

Despite persistent gloom about the state of the local economy, Alberta posted its strongest interprovincial migratory increase in four years this summer, according to Statistics Canada. 

Calgary to consider 'pay as you throw' for garbage pickup

The City of Calgary will explore a pay-as-you-throw program for garbage pickup aimed at rewarding those who toss less trash. 

Calgary council expected 3 Green Line options today — but that's not what it got

City council's Green Line committee was expecting to see three proposals Tuesday for getting the multibillion-dollar LRT line through downtown Calgary, but that didn't happen. 

Judge scraps Alberta election commissioner fine for exceeding donation limit

Citing procedural fairness, an Alberta judge has rescinded a $10,000 fine levied by the province's election commissioner against a man who exceeded the legal political donation limit. 

Kenney's approval ratings drop in wake of cuts, controversy

While one poll shows an "unprecedented plummet" of 15 points in Kenney's approval rating, another shows a more moderate reduction of six points.

Alberta's energy 'war room' launches in Calgary

Premier Jason Kenney officially launched his government's $30 million war room to fight what it calls misinformation about the province's energy industry.

Fortress Mountain water could be sold infused with cannabis

Fortress Mountain wants to sell 50 million litres of water per year to a Calgary-based company that aims to, among other things, bottle it infused with cannabis.