Downtown 10th Street LRT station to close permanently

The LRT station at 10th Street and Seventh Avenue southwest will be closed on Saturday. It will be replaced with a new one to connect downtown with the new west leg of the LRT.

Station at 10th Street and 7th Avenue southwest to be demolished

The last stop downtown heading west will now be the Seventh Street station after the 10th Street station closes permanently on Saturday. (Calgary Transit)

The downtown LRT station located at 10th Street and Seventh Avenue southwest will close permanently on Saturday.

The station is being demolished as part of the construction on the new west leg of the LRT.

The current station will be replaced by a new one at 11th Street southwest, which will open early next year when the West LRT line opens.

It will be located in front of the Kerby Centre and will accommodate the new four-car trains.

Calgary Transit riders heading east can access the C-Train at the Eighth Street station, located between Seventh and Eighth Street S.W. 

The last stop downtown heading west will now be the Seventh Street station, between Sixth and Seventh Street S.W.