Door-to-door mail delivery ends for 10,200 Calgary homes

Monday marks the end of door-to-door mail delivery for some neighbourhoods in Calgary, one of the first Canadian cities to see the end of the service.

Two northeast neighbourhoods get community mailboxes

Residents in two Calgary neighbourhoods started using community mailboxes on Monday. (Brian Burnett/CBC)

Monday marks the end of door-to-door mail delivery for some neighbourhoods in Calgary.

Service is changing for 10,200 homes with the postal codes starting with T2B and T3J.

Another 250 businesses have also lost delivery to the door, although Canada Post has promised continued delivery to "business corridors" or companies that get large volumes of mail or parcels.

Some residents are worried it will be difficult to collect the mail from a community mailbox, especially in winter. Canada Post promises a solution is coming.

"We understand that some seniors and disabled Canadians may not be able to get to their community mailbox. We are developing solutions for people with significant mobility challenges and who lack viable alternatives," Canada Post said in an information flyer.

Nationwide, door-to-door mail service is ending at about 100,000 households Monday, according to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

The union announced last week that it's taking Canada Post to federal court over the decision to cut door-to-door service. The union says it's up to the federal government, not Canada Post, to decide on such a major change of service.

The Crown corporation, meanwhile, says it made the decision for financial reasons.

This map shows the two northeast Calgary neighbourhoods losing door-to-door mail delivery service on Monday. (Canada Post)


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