35 to 40 dogs seized from Calgary home after police execute search warrant

Police confirmed they are working with partner agencies to remove the dogs, and then will continue with its investigation of the residence.

Environmental condition of residence enough to cause distress, humane society says

Brad Nichols is the senior manager of animal cruelty investigations with the Calgary Humane Society. (CBC)

Approximately 30 to 40 dogs were discovered and seized by police after a search warrant was executed at a northeast Calgary home.

Police confirmed they worked with partner agencies to remove the dogs from a residence on Malvern Crescent N.E. on Thursday.

The initial investigation will now continue, Calgary Police Service spokesperson Corwin Odland told CBC News in a statement.

He did not provide further details about the investigation or the dogs.

Home's condition enough to 'cause distress'

The Calgary Humane Society confirmed that it helped the police with the situation, alongside support from animal services.

Brad Nichols, the senior manager of animal cruelty investigations, said the catalyst for the removal of the dogs was the condition of the Marlborough Park home.

"Our assessment was that the environmental condition of the home was concerning enough to cause distress, which necessitated the removal of all animals," Nichols said.

The dogs range from small to large breeds, and are now going through medical assessments, he said.

"It's always a bit of a shock when we have a mass intake, but it's also a reality of having an animal protection program at a shelter," Nichols said. "We adjust, and we're fairly fluid."

Once they have a full medical picture of the condition of the dogs, they would begin discussing charges, Nichols said.


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