The running of the dogs: Meet Calgary's need-for-speed canines

Sometimes man's best friend wants more than a stroll, a sniff and a pee — and so a Calgary business is tapping into Fido's primal instinct to sprint.

Calgary business Dog Gone Running offers dog runs instead of dog walks

Sometimes man's best friend wants more than a stroll, a sniff and a pee — and so a Calgary business is tapping into Fido's primal instinct to sprint. For $40, you can have the fitness instructors at Dog Gone Running take your fur baby on a six- to 12-kilometre jog. And while that's almost double the going rate of a dog walk in the city — the owners say the economic downturn hasn't affected their business. In fact, they're growing.

"We're a community of dog lovers and it's a little bit of a 'spare no expense' to have a happy dog," said Tammy Nishimura, who co-owns the dog running business with her best buddy Ruth Everett.

Meet Calgary's speed canines:


This six-year-old Vizsla used to be a bit of menace — chewing his way through vacuum cords, remote controls and sofa beds. But that all stopped once Jax started going on regular runs.

(Silvia DeBastos)


Cooper is one buff pup. The two-year-old boxer runs 9-10 kilometres, several times a week.

(Dog Gone Running)


This is how Buster looks after his daily run. Before he took up jogging, the eight-year-old German short-haired pointer would try to escape his home by knocking out screen doors and scraping up walls.

(Kelly Brown)


This Australian shepherd runs six to eight kilometres, several times a week. He is nine years old.

(Dog Gone Running )


Janeen Webb, the owner of this four-year-old husky-greyhound cross, says running has saved her sanity and her house. 

(Janeen Webb)


Ria will be nine this year. The shepherd cross is a runner — literally. Once she slipped away for a week-long vacation in Nose Hill park.

(Corinne Mullan)

Molson and Roxy

She's eight, he's nine. These spritely golden retrievers recently crushed the six kilometre loop around Calgary's Glenmore Reservoir.

(Dog Gone Running)


Kayto, a two-year-old fox red Labrador retriever, uses the force of his "big puppy eyes" to lure his owner off the couch and out the door for a run.

(Basia Okoniewska)

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With files from the CBC's Sarah Lawrynuik and the Calgary Eyeopener