This Alberta dog paints artwork for charity and they're being sold all over the world

A painting pup from Alberta has sold artwork all over the world, but his latest piece will be auctioned off in order to help dogs with cancer.

The funds for one of the paintings will go towards helping dogs with cancer

Pup and his trainer team up to paint for charity

2 years ago
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He's not a Van Gogh-lden retriever, but more of a Salvador collie. This Medicine Hat pooch's paintings are fetching a pretty penny for charities.

A painting pup from Alberta has sold artwork all over the world, but his latest piece will be auctioned off in order to help dogs with cancer.

Rogan, a miniature Australian shepherd from Medicine Hat, Alta., started painting in 2020. His owner, Megan Bolen, says it was supposed to be something fun to do together.

"It was basically just a goof. I had started painting myself and somebody who knows that I do a lot of training with my dogs, sent me a video of a dog painting and kind of dared me to do it," she said.

"And like 10 days later, Rogan's painting away."

WATCH ABOVE | Rogan the dog paints his next piece

In order to help Rogan paint, Bolen said she got him a modified paintbrush so it would fit vertically in his mouth.

"He just puts it in his mouth and he stands in front of the canvas and then he goes up and does a little swipe or dab," Bolen said.

The pup's painting sessions usually only last around five to 10 minutes at a time and will include a variety of tricks and, of course, treats.

"He just loves to use his brain," she said.

"I knew that he was the greatest dog on Earth — because we all think that our dogs are the greatest dog on Earth — but I didn't quite think that he would get the attention that he would get."

Megan Bolen says funds from Rogan's paintings go to charity. (Megan Bolen )

And people are going "crazy" over the paintings, said Bolen. In fact, they've already sold 200.

"We've sold them all over North America … we've sent them to Tanzania, Estonia," she said.

"People love cute dogs. It's like a novelty thing, right? It's fun to see dogs do things."

And one of the biggest accomplishments to date is that the dog's work will be at an art exhibit in Hong Kong.

"In Hong Kong coming up here, [the exhibit is] all about dogs and art. And he checks both of those boxes, so they wanted to include a Rogan section," she said.

Rogan's art sales have also helped dogs close to home.

"We donate everything that we get," she said. "They go to our local rescues here in Medicine Hat and we've sent a few up to Calgary as well, but we try and keep everything in southern Alberta."

As well, one of his pieces is currently entered in an auction that features 16 painting dogs from around the world.

Bolen said the organisation Tripawds is helping dogs who have recently lost a limb due to cancer and that any proceeds that come out of the auction will go toward cancer care packages for them.

The auction runs until June 13 in case you want to check out the work — and perhaps bid on a painting of your own.

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