Distracted walking becoming a major issue in Calgary, says councillor

A Calgary councillor says it is time to do something about people who pay more attention to their cellphone than where they are walking.

Ward Sutherland plans to talk to bylaw services, police about how to help pedestrians stay alert

A woman text messages while walking across the street in San Francisco. Using a cellphone while driving has triggered the most alarm bells, but experts say pedestrians are also suffering the consequences of mobile distractions by tripping on curbs, walking into traffic or even stepping into manholes while on their phones. (Ben Margot/Associated Press)

A Calgary councillor says it is time to do something about people who pay more attention to their cellphone than where they are walking.

Ward Sutherland says pedestrians are endangering themselves by stepping into traffic without looking.

"Maybe it's a ticket, like crossing the street in the area where you're not supposed to, I don't know," he said. 

"But we need to work something out. Or it might be an awareness program. I know in Toronto police are actually handing out leaflets because people aren't paying attention, so it is becoming an issue in Calgary. We need to address it."

Sutherland says he is going to approach bylaw services and police to see what can be done to get pedestrians off their mobile devices.


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