Apparently this really, really distinctive truck only appealed to owner, who now faces charges

It turns out a really, really, truly "distinctive" truck reported stolen from a fenced compound in Calgary did not, in fact, have broad appeal.

Jacked-up gold Ram with blue trim reported stolen, found smashed up

The custom truck that was reported as stolen is really, almost indescribably, distinct. (Calgary Police Service)

It turns out a really, really, truly "distinctive" truck illegally removed from a fenced compound in Calgary did not, in fact, have broad appeal.

The truck, reported stolen from an autobody shop in the city's southeast, was apparently taken by its owner. 

The incident occurred on Feb. 1, when a man broke into the lot and loaded the glammed-up gold Ram onto a flatbed and towed it away using another Ram that was comparatively quite boring with its simple green paint job.

The police put out a public plea, knowing it would be really, really hard to miss the, um, unique truck. 

That led them back to a man named Scott William Dombowsky-Oneski. 

"It is alleged that the owner of the truck had owed a significant amount of money to the auto repair shop where the truck was being stored, and that the owner of the truck stole the vehicle in an attempt to receive an insurance payment," reads a release from Calgary police. 

"The auto repair shop was not involved in the theft."

The custom truck was found damaged in the McLean Creek area. (Calgary Police Service )

Police found the jacked-up gold truck, with blue trim and interior, smashed up in McLean Creek on Feb. 27.

Dombowsky-Oneski, 23, of Rocky View County has been charged with two counts of fraud over $5,000 and one count each of break and enter and public mischief.


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