Calgary company Dissolve creates the perfect (fake) U.S. campaign ad

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Using stock footage from its vast collection, this fake presidential campaign ad hits all the tropes

This fake ad from Calgary stock video company Dissolve parodies contemporary U.S. presidential campaign ads. (Dissolve/screengrab)

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In this case, we want you to be interested in a story about a mock presidential campaign video created by Calgary stock video company Dissolve. We've embedded it below so that you'll scroll down more.

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Excitement follows

Taking a cue from the dramatic and hokey ads that litter U.S. television screens during elections, Dissolve cobbled together video footage from its vast collection in order to offer a template of sorts for the Donald Trumps, Hillary Clintons and Bernie Sanders of the world. 

"Hello, it's me, candidate for president," says the generic, smiling white man in the faux ad. "A person with a face. A person whose hand gestures are definitely not weird."

The video continues on through all the tropes one would expect — family history, industry and workers, diners — before descending into darkness while talking about the candidate's opponents and finally emerging into the warm glow of the man you should vote for. 

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One could credit the fact the company is Canadian for its detached ability to recreate basically every modern U.S. campaign video ever, but it was actually written by American Kendra Eash, who also created a generic brand video for Dissolve. 

One thing's for sure, in the heated final stages of the beginning of the seemingly endless campaign to be president of the United States of America, it's nice to have a comic pause. 

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Beyond Oil: Dissolve

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Patrick Lor was a founder of the massively successful company iStockphoto. His new Calgary-based venture is called Dissolve and specializes in stock video.