Deerfoot crash captured on dashcam depicts sequence of unfortunate events

Dashboard camera footage of a crash on Deerfoot trail depicts just how quickly things can go wrong on the busy and high-speed thoroughfare.

Police say only minor injuries resulted from 3-vehicle collision that began with a PT Cruiser spinning out

Dashcam footage captured this moment just before the initial collision on Deerfoot Trail. The PT Cruiser lost control, spun out and collided head-on with the truck. (Nan Xu/YouTube)

Dashboard camera footage of a crash on Deerfoot trail depicts just how quickly things can go wrong on the busy and high-speed thoroughfare.

YouTube user Nan Xu uploaded the video, captured from a vehicle travelling southbound on Deerfoot, just before Memorial Drive in the left-hand lane behind a Nissan Murano.

Ahead of the Murano, a PT Cruiser suddenly veers onto the shoulder, then spins out back across all three lanes of traffic and collides head-on with a heavy truck travelling in the right-hand lane.

  • Here's the video. (Warning: There's some strong language at the end.)

The damaged truck then travels back to the left, across all three lanes of traffic, and collides with the Murano that had pulled onto the shoulder in an attempt to avoid the chaos.

Police confirmed they responded to the three-vehicle collision and said, despite how serious the incident appears on video, the crash only resulted in minor injuries.

EMS spokesman Adam Loria said two people — a man and a woman, both in their 40s — were taken to hospital in stable condition for treatment. He also described their injuries as minor.

The collision was first reported at 11:50 a.m. on Wednesday, according to both police and EMS, who believe the clock on the dashboard-camera footage, which reads 12:47 p.m., was off by an hour.


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