Deborah Drever's political future: Unconventional Panel weighs in

Our Unconventional Panel debates whether the new NDP MLA's social media history should have repercussions on her political career.

Should the new NDP MLA's social media history affect her career?

A debate over the affect of the new NDP MLA's social media past. 7:35

Over the last week, photos posted to social media have dogged newly elected Alberta politician Deborah Drever.

In the most recent picture to surface, the NDP MLA for Calgary-Bow is seen in a compromising position on the front of a heavy metal album. 

Deborah Drever posed for this album cover about 5 years ago. (Gatekrashor/Facebook)

"If I was going to hire her to babysit my kids, I probably would have declined having seen these photos," said Calgary writer Shelley Youngblut. 

She was on our Unconventional Panel this week along with Shane Byciuk and Mike Morrison — who reminded us that these photos were not taken that long go.

"They're not to be ignored. It's recent history," he said.

Some are calling for the 26-year-old MLA to be recalled, even though there is no recall legislation in Alberta.

"It's created such an uproar because this is the first time in Alberta, maybe Canada, we've seen a young person — a politician under 30 — have the Facebook controversy come and haunt them," said Byciuk.

Our Unconventional Panel this week: Shane Byciuk, Shelley Youngblut and Mike Morrison. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)

Youngblut does think we need to give Drever a chance to do the job she was voted in to do. But with parameters.

"I would like to see her on a very short leash. I don't want to see her in a position of authority. I don't think she's earned it. And it's not because of her age. It's just — she's untested."


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