Cosette Swart, 4, sells her own abstract art for charity

Cosette Swart can barely keep up with the growing demand for her abstract art. The four-year-old is raising money for disadvantaged communities around the world.

Child artist raises $4K to buy livestock for disadvantaged communities

Four-year-old Calgarian Cosette Swart's abstract paintings are selling out. (Kristy-Anne Swart)

Like most kids, Cosette Swart's studio is the kitchen floor of her southwest Calgary home. 

But unlike most four-year-olds, the budding artist is getting a lot of attention for her creations. She has already sold more than 60 of her own paintings. 

"I sell them to make some money for the poor people," said Cosette.

The tiny artist has raised $4,000 so far — enough to buy a cow, sheep and alpaca for disadvantaged families through the World Vision gift catalogue.

Cosette Swart paints in the kitchen of her S.W. Calgary home. (Kristy-Anne Swart)

Kristy-Anne Swart introduced her daughter to painting as a way to keep her busy during the cold Calgary winters.

"She was really into it. So rather than stick with the average kids paint I went to the basement and found my old acrylics and brought them up for her to experiment with, and she really liked them," said her mother.

Tiny artist Cosette Swart working on one of her abstract paintings. (Kristy-Anne Swart)

Kristy-Anne Swart has created a website to display her daughter's work. With the help of social media, Cosette's art is selling out. In fact, she can't paint fast enough.

"People love the colours and how happy they make them feel," said Kristy-Anne Swart.

"We have a long waitlist," she adds.

In the meantime, Cosette is storing her money in a jar and is now saving to help communities access clean water. Her goal is to raise another $4,000.


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