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Ready, set, go! CBC Calgary and Local Laundry have teamed up to celebrate #loveyycday with a YYC photo hunt. Crack these riddles to be entered to win an exclusive CBC branded Local Laundry sweater.

Crack these riddles to unlock the treasure

How much do you love YYC? Or better yet, how well do you know YYC?

November 2 was #loveyycday and we teamed up with Local Laundry to create a photo hunt for you and a friend to explore and enjoy some of our favourite YYC locations. 

And like every good hunt, there was treasure at the end — a limited edition CBC branded Local Laundry sweatshirt! 


Take a crack at the riddles below to unlock our photo hunt locations:

  1. "Step inside my giant white head, a photo here you won't want to forget."

  2. "A bridge that connects communities, a symbol we built that's made of peace."

  3. "Four legged creatures roam around this space, any park really where play takes place."

  4. "You'll find this artwork in public no doubt, displayed across storeys just hanging out."

  5. "Snack here, drink there — show us the best place you love to share."

  6. "Teams of red across our city, which favourite sport of yours, makes you scream YYC!"

To enter:

  1. Take a photo at one (or more!) of our photo hunt locations

  2. Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #loveyccday, tagging @CBCCalgary and @locallaundry

  3. Be entered to win a limited edition CBC branded Local Laundry sweater for you and a friend! 

  4. Bonus points will be awarded for locations captured and creativity!

* Please note you have full creativity of your shots. As long as we can tell you're in the location, your photo(s) will be considered.

* Photos submitted between Friday, November 1 to Sunday, November 3rd will be considered. Winner will be selected and announced Monday, November 4.

Please review our contest rules before entering.


Madelaine Lapointe

senior communications officer

Madelaine Lapointe is a creative storyteller, content creator and marketer. She enjoys sharing stories from the community and connecting people through innovative experiences whether it be a campaign or event. She previously worked at CBC Manitoba where she worked on projects including Flow in the Dark for Nuit Blanche, CBC Manitoba Future 40, Folk Festival and Beyond 94. In her spare time you can find her adventuring with her pup, cooking and filmmaking.