Dear Diary: In a time of COVID-19

How’s your life? How have you been keeping busy? We can all learn something from one another. So we want to hear from you — share a page from your diary.

How have you been keeping busy? Share a page from your diary.

(CBC Calgary )

"Dear diary..."

CBC Calgary wants to hear how your life is going. Like a page from your journal. Thoughts, hopes, fears, or maybe just what you had for breakfast, and that new trick the kids taught the dog to do.

Because whether we like it or not, navigating through this unfamiliar time is part of our story. We've come together as a city, a province and a nation to learn, adapt and lean on one another and, one day, we'll be sharing these stories with the future generations in our lives. 

Have you been keeping track of your days in self-isolation? Or do you find yourself asking "what day are we on now?" 

If we've learned anything from this it's that we can all learn something from each other. So we want to hear from you — wherever you are, whatever community you live in — Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat or on the farm. 

How's your life? What are you doing? Working? Self-isolating? Worried about the kids? Money? Are you finding ways to socialize at a distance with a beer in the driveway? Learning to play piano online? Working in an emergency room? Or just hanging out at home?

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