What Stampeding with CBC looked like 60 years ago ... and today

Do you recognize anyone in this photo of CBC staff and personalities taken 60 years ago — on July 11, 1956 — at the CBC Stampede Studio at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede grounds?

Do you recognize these CBC cowpokes from the Calgary Stampede in 1956?

This photo was taken on the Calgary Stampede grounds exactly 60 years ago.

CBC Stampede studio and personalities at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede grounds on July 11, 1956. (Courtesy of Glenbow Museum)

Do you recognize any of the CBC staff in this photo taken six decades ago — on July 11, 1956 — at the CBC Stampede Studio at the Calgary Stampede?

If you think you can identify someone in this picture, email us at:

We thought it would be fun to recreate the shot with today's CBC Calgary personalities, who are still rocking that Stampede style. 

So we gathered them up after the CBC Calgary Co-op Stampede Breakfast, which took place on July 7, 2016.

Can you ID the current crop of cowpokes in the photo below?

Sixty years later, CBC staff are still Stampeding it up. From left: Rob Brown, Angela Knight, Rosa Marchitelli, David Gray, Jenny Howe, Doug Dirks. Bottom row from left: Jim Brown, Tim Tamashiro, Katherine Duncan. (Bill Marsh)

From left: Rob Brown, host of CBC Calgary News at 6; Angela Knight, traffic reporter on The Calgary Eyeopener; Rosa Marchitelli, Go Public reporter; David Gray, host of The Calgary Eyeopener; Jenny Howe, traffic reporter on The Homestretch; and Doug Dirks, host of The Homestretch. Bottom row from left: Jim Brown, host of The 180; Tim Tamashiro, host of Tonic; and Katherine Duncan, host of Key of A.

Technology may change but the Western spirit lives on….