The Calgary Eyeopener takes their show on the road

The Calgary Eyeopener took their show out of studio and strolled through Stampede Park to give you a behind-the-scenes tour. Watch the video here!

Every year the Calgary Stampede adds new activities, food and experiences to Stampede Park. So whether it's your first time or 30th time Stampeding, you're bound to try something new!

This year, the Calgary Eyeopener took their show out of studio and went on a stroll through Stampede Park. We checked out everything that was going on from Elbow River Camp to the Chuckwagon barns. Hosts Angela Knight and David Gray even got to milk a cow and report live from a horse! Watch the behind-the-scenes footage below. 


Madelaine Lapointe

senior communications officer

Madelaine Lapointe is a creative storyteller, content creator and marketer. She enjoys sharing stories from the community and connecting people through innovative experiences whether it be a campaign or event. She's been at CBC for five years, of which two were spent at CBC Manitoba. Some of her favourite projects include Beyond 94, the Create Space at the Calgary Central library and CBC Calgary's Battle of the Burbs. In her spare time you can find her adventuring with her pup, cooking and video editing.