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Colleen Underwood has been a reporter/editor with CBC news for more than 10 years filing stories from across southern Alberta for radio, television and online. Follow her on Twitter @cbccolleen.

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Community Connect YYC : One-stop website created to book counselling and social supports

Jessica Williams of Catholic Family Service says people can now book a counselling session or other social service online, thanks to a new program called Community Connect YYC.

Some Calgary hockey parents say spectator rules at certain rinks don't make sense

Some Calgary parents are questioning why there are different rules for different arenas when it comes to allowing spectators in to watch hockey, ringette or figure skating amidst the pandemic — and are urging all facility operators to let parents in to watch their children on the ice.

Homeowners seek thousands in deposits back, warn others of Calgary contractor

Several Calgary homeowners say they got tired of hearing excuses and have filed a statement of claim against a Calgary contractor, seeking a return of their deposits for work not done and damages. 

Visitors to some long-term care centres subject to COVID-19 waiver before seeing loved ones

Some long-term care operators are now asking visitors to sign a waiver acknowledging they may be putting their health at risk while visiting their loved ones — and in doing so, giving up their legal right to sue the facility for any COVID-related issues.

'Irrational' and 'grossly disproportionate': Calgary judge quashes sanctions against 3 Rocky View councillors

A Calgary judge has set aside all sanctions against three Rocky View councillors —sanctions imposed by their fellow council members after the trio allegedly breached the county's code of conduct in 2019.

Canola thieves invade farms near Calgary, with up to 15 people at a time stuffing plants into garbage bags

A rash of canola thieves have been spotted along the outskirts of southeast Calgary in recent weeks, with up to a dozen or more people at a time sneaking into farmers' fields to purloin plants — sometimes ruining acres of crops or prompting confrontations involving police.

Former staff, volunteers and adopters allege EJ Rescue hoarded dogs, hid info and failed to supply proper care

Allegations from several former volunteers and fosters have surfaced against EJ Rescue Canada — a dog rescue in Airdrie, Alta. — after its name came up in connection to an accidental crash in Idaho this spring that killed two people and 26 dogs destined for the rescue facility.

Micro-courses designed to re-employ energy workers, redirect sector

An eight-week online course designed to retrain energy sector workers displaced by COVID-19 is being offered this summer, giving young professionals a chance to propel the oil and gas industry forward.

Community space transforms into PPE workshop, filling AHS order for 12,000 face shields

A group of volunteers is collaborating to fill an Alberta Health Services order for 12,000 face shields. Team lead Shannon Hoover says they're hoping to prove sourcing local is the best way to solve a problem and he hopes this highlights Calgary's talent beyond oil and gas.

Families worry about students' futures after CBE closes specialized program in northwest Calgary

Some parents say they’re disappointed and frustrated by the Calgary Board of Education’s decision to shutter its Discovering Choices high school program in Bowness and move the students into the program’s other three locations in Calgary.

Calgary landlord warns of couple's offer to help find renters for a fee

A Calgary landlord is warning others to be wary of a local couple offering to help track down renters for a fee, saying the couple’s pitch was misleading and they misrepresented themselves to both prospective tenants and the landlord.

These Calgarians received thousands in CERB payments — but don't qualify and never applied

At least two Calgarians who say they didn't apply or even qualify for the federal government's Canada Emergency Response Benefit program have discovered surprise payments into their bank accounts of up to $4,000. But they're getting the runaround when trying to return the payments, which the government insists couldn't have happened.

Seniors' facility fears prompt Alberta woman to bring her elderly mother home

Karen Patching, 68, says it's been an adjustment bringing her 93-year-old mother home to live with her in Lethbridge, Alta., but she felt it was the only safe option.

Anxiety-ridden Calgarians say unknowns around pandemic stoking fear

Experts are telling people who are feeling overwhelmed by the steady bombardment of sometimes conflicting, and often fear-ridden COVID-19 information, to limit their intake of news through social media and other platforms.

Calgary woman worries online grocery shopping frenzy hurts those most in need

The uptick in online grocery shopping and delivery services has at least one major grocery chain asking people who can shop in store, to do so.