Cochrane residents meet to discuss fracking concerns

Residents of Cochrane met again Wednesday night to discuss concerns over fracking in their neighbourhood.

Fracking concerns

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9 years ago
Cochrane residents met again to discuss concerns about fracking in their neighbourhood. 1:48

Residents of Cochrane met again Wednesday night to discuss concern over fracking in their neighbourhood.

Fracking involves injecting water, sand and chemicals into the ground at high pressure in order to fracture the rock and release oil and gas.

Local ranchers say they are noticing tremors in the ground, cancer in their animals and odd health side effects.

Area resident Nielle Hawkwood says it's heartbreaking.  

"We've ranched here for 32 years, and you know we don't make a lot of money ranching but we love the lifestyle," she said. "We felt that we were living in a nice healthy area. We raised our children here. I'm glad my sons no longer live at home."

The group —  Cochrane Area Under Siege Coalition — say they want a moritorium on fracking until the oil and gas companies can prove it's safe.

They're now creating working groups to come up with ideas of what actions they can take.