Club members dumpster dive in search of food

A member of a local dumpster diving group says it's "disgusting" how much perfectly good food is thrown away in Calgary.
A new group in Calgary is fishing their food straight from the garbage. 2:17

A group in Calgary says if you want to see the dark side of Calgary's affluence then look no further than its back alleys and garbage bins.

"We live in a throw out society," said Ian Wearmouth as he grabbed a hold of a dumpster lid and hauled himself inside.

"1.3 billion tonnes of food got thrown out last year in the States alone."

Wearmouth is not homeless, but he is so upset that so much food wasted, he formed an online club of activist dumpster divers.

Raz Paulson is one of a dozen members of YYC Dumpstering.

"I've found delicious tofu, cheese, eggs — that's still food!" he said.

Club members avoid trespassing, but target commercial dumpsters where they find just about everything including food that is still sealed and perfectly good to eat. 

They get so much food, they've started giving it away. They have also started a second charity to cook and re-distribute food to homeless people.

"The fact that it is going to landfills instead of going to needy, or hungry or homeless people where it could be serving a lot better purpose. I feel that it's just disgusting," said Wearmouth.