These intersections are the worst ranked in Calgary. What's yours?

This week we highlighted the problems facing Calgarians who are being driven crazy by the Hidden Valley Drive and Shaganappi Trail intersection. But did you know the city tracks problem intersections? It seems obvious, but they have a website dedicated to it.

The city has a website that calculates where new traffic signals are needed

These are the top three intersections for the highest traffic light warrants score on the City of Calgary's website. (Monty Kruger/CBC)

This week we explored the problems facing Calgarians who are being driven crazy by the Hidden Valley Drive and Shaganappi Trail N.W. intersection.

The city knows all about the problem, and how people are hooking an illegal right-hand turn to cope with it. But it seems that's not the only problem intersection in town. The City of Calgary tracks such things. They even have a website dedicated to it.

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And there's a calculation procedure. Yes, math. It all falls under the Transportation Association of Canada's traffic signal warrant procedure, which is how the city comes up with what it calls a warrant score. Here's the scorecard:

  • 100 or higher: A traffic signal is warranted.
  • 80-99: A traffic signal isn't warranted at this time. However, they will put the intersection on a watch list and repeat the study each year.
  • 0-79: A traffic signal isn't warranted at this time. The city won't repeat the study for at least two years unless conditions change.

Some places in our city score badly. We list the top three at the bottom of this article.

Grace period

Pat Grisak, a leader with the city's traffic division, says that when a new intersection comes online, there is a grace period. The city gives Calgarians some time to adjust. And adjustment takes time. People get mixed up.

For example, the new interchange at Sarcee Trail and 16th Avenue N.W., where some drivers are apparently confused by the roadway design. So much so, that you can see tire tracks in the snow crossing on top of a sidewalk as you head south on Sarcee Trail into Bowness. Oops.

Tire tracks, visible in the lower right corner of this photo, are often seen on the barrier between the 16th Avenue exit and southbound Sarcee Trail N.W. (Monty Kruger/CBC)

"It generally takes a little bit of time for people to get used to it and to become aware of the new traffic patterns," said Grisak.

Yes…. Yes, it does.

Anyway, these are the three areas with the highest traffic signal warrant score:

Riverfront Avenue and First Street S.W.

This intersection ranks a whopping 188.

(Monty Kruger/CBC)

128th Avenue and Redstone Street-Skyview Ranch Road N.E.

The northeast intersection gets a score of 166.

(Monty Kruger/CBC)

Bridlewood Road and James McKevitt Road 

This one ranks 148.

(Monty Kruger/CBC)

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