City extends proposals for Eamon's gas station

Plans to repurpose a landmark gas station in Calgary are getting another chance.

Ald. Gord Lowe remains optimistic a business will come forward

Plans to repurpose a landmark gas station in Calgary are getting another chance.

The long-closed Eamon's building has been a familiar sight on the way out of the western edge of the city towards Cochrane.

It was built around 1950 in Art Moderne style, and featured a restaurant and cabins.

The building, and its art deco sign, remained landmarks long after the business closed.

But it will soon be moved off that spot to make way for an LRT park and ride lot.

So far, the city hasn’t been able to find anybody who wants to run a business in the heritage building once the city moves it back.

Lesley Beale, with the Calgary Heritage Authority, says she understands why the city hasn’t had any takers yet.

"It's difficult for small businesses to look that far in advance — a couple of years, two or three years — and commit to something like that knowing that perhaps the revenue wouldn't start to flow immediately," Beale said.

On Wednesday, city council decided to take submissions for another four months to see if anyone has any bright ideas for the building.

The area alderman, Gord Lowe, says it's been a disappointment so far but is optimistic more time might help.

"There were 13 people that took the information and nobody replied with a concrete idea how to re-use this building so basically we're going out one more time — see if we can find somebody," Lowe said.

Eamon's will soon be moved from the site and put into storage, which will cost the city $280,000.