Tasty street names could be in store for future agriculture-themed Calgary community

See you at Lavender Lane, just past Bartlett Bay. The future southeast Calgary community of Rangeview is tentatively slated to have some different kinds of street names.

The names would be a bit of a break from Calgary's usual naming conventions

A file photo shows a new Calgary development. Homeowners in the future Calgary community of Rangeview could live on streets with names like "Lavender Lane." (Reuters)

See you at Lavender Lane, just past Bartlett Bay.

The future southeast Calgary community of Rangeview is tentatively slated to have some unusual street names.

It's a large area that will be built in years to come, south of the community of Seton in the far southeast corner of the city.

The developer, Section 23 Developments, says the street names are themed around edible landscaping and food celebration.

Names already approved

The Calgary Planning Commission has already approved the names.

It would be a break from the Calgary tradition where streets take the first letter of the community they're in or incorporate part of the community's name.

It means that in addition to Rangeview Boulevard, Rangeview Avenue and Rangeview Drive, this new southeast community could also have street names like:

  • Bartlett.
  • Gala.
  • Heirloom.
  • Lavender.
  • Savoy.
  • Sugarsnap.

The area's city councillor, Shane Keating, said it's, well, different.

"Sugarsnap is a little unusual."

Although it doesn't sound like an obvious fit for the name Rangeview, he said the list of names actually does fit in with the developer's idea for the community.

"There is a planned community orchard, a fairly substantial one within the development of Rangeview and so my guess is they're trying to pay homage to edible fruits and things that could be grown on the prairies," said Keating.

In its submission to the planning commission, Section 23 wrote: "The majority of the proposed street names represent varietals of plants, fruits and vegetables providing a sense of discovery and playfulness."

The company also said it conducted focus group testing of the proposed names and received a positive response.

The future community of Rangeview will be located just east of the South Calgary Health Campus. (City of Calgary)

City council will have the final say on whether or not the names go ahead in the future when Rangeview is built out.

"If there are concerns from council that this is breaking too much of a tradition of how Calgary has normally planned and named their streets, then that change can come forward then," said Keating.

Rangeview is one of 14 new-growth communities that have been approved for development by city council.

Keating said he's not aware of any imminent plan for construction to start. 


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