Magliocca considering run for mayor's chair — in 2021

Coun. Joe Magliocca says he's considering running for mayor in 2021. He says Calgary needs to be more business-friendly and he can make that change happen.

Smoke just cleared on last fall's election but councillor says he's already gearing up for next vote

Coun. Joe Magliocca says he's considering running for mayor in 2021. (Mike Symington/CBC)

It's early to start talking about the 2021 municipal election.

But not too early for Coun. Joe Magliocca.

The second-term councillor for Ward 2 gathered reporters together during a break in Wednesday's city council meeting to announce that he's looking at running for mayor — in an election that's just under three years and nine months away.

"You've got to start thinking big and bold and that's what I'm doing," said Magliocca.

He said that he's been getting pressure to go for council's top job.

"I've been asked throughout the spectrum, throughout Calgary to run, to step in and run for mayor."

Magliocca said he's acquired a website address and he's raising money.

A pro-business candidate

When asked about what his platform would be, the councillor said he wants city hall to be more business-friendly.

"Right now, I think we're closed for business but I want to open that door and be open for business once again in Calgary."


"We're gonna keep that under our head right now and we'll get to it soon."

Normally, challengers would be willing to talk about what they might see the current job-holder is doing wrong.

In this case, Magliocca offered few specifics about Mayor Naheed Nenshi's peformance. 

"It's policies and other things that people in my surroundings don't appreciate" but he didn't elaborate.

Not unique to muse about a run this early

The immediate reaction to Magliocca's announcement was of disbelief.

One councillor said aloud "Oh my God" but then said that was not for attribution.

Another councillor, Peter Demong, said this isn't that unique a situation.

"Considering we had one member of council start campaigning two and a half years prior to a previous election, not that unusual I guess."

He was referring to former councillor Andre Chabot who announced in June 2015 that he would run for mayor — either in the 2017 or 2021 elections.

Chabot did run last fall for the mayor's chair but finished third behind incumbent Nenshi and lawyer Bill Smith.