Inspired by Sid the Shrub? Send photos of your office plant decked for the holidays and you may win a prize

Sid the Shrub — CBC Calgary's very own scraggly, scrappy little Christmas bush— is looking a lot more spiffy this holiday season thanks to new decorations donated by some avid listeners. Send us photos of the office plants that have been decorated in your office.

Submit a photo of your workplace Christmas plant for a chance to win

Sid the Shrub, CBC Calgary's resident ugly Christmas tree, is looking stylish in this CBC tuque and vintage CBC scarf.

Sid the Shrub is looking a lot more spiffy this holiday season thanks to new decorations donated by some avid listeners.

The scraggly, scrappy little bush is one of the plants that line the front entrance to CBC Calgary's new location at 1000 Veterans Place N.W. It can be seen through the window of the CBC's main radio studio every morning, just behind the back of David Gray as he hosts The Calgary Eyeopener. 

That led the Eyeopener team to start having some fun, dubbing the shrub "Sid" and giving him shout-outs on air.

Since then, the legend of Sid has grown — he even has his own Twitter account.

Sid the Shrub at night, after being further festooned with some Christmas lights. (CBC)

With Sid looking better than ever, the Eyeopener crew challenged the CBC's neighbours on the other side of the building, the EFW Radiology Clinic, who created a rival Christmas tree they dubbed "Nancy."

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Sid is expanding the office plant decorating contest to every other office and workplace in Calgary.

We asked listeners to festoon their foliage in a festive fashion and send us pictures of their workplace Christmas cheer for a chance to win some CBC swag.

If your office Christmas plant has a face for radio, post your photos to our Facebook page, sent them to us on Twitter @CBCEyeopener or email them to

Here are some of the entries so far:

EFW Radiology Clinic and Nancy

Jill Klyen, left, Roona Yeager, centre, and Evangeline Leclair, right, all work at the EFW Radiology clinic on the other side of the building from CBC Calgary's new digs.

Here they are with Nancy, Sid's arch-nemesis.

Jill Klyen, left, Roona Yeager, centre, and Evangeline Leclair, right, with EFW Radiology clinic work in the other side of the building from CBC Calgary's new digs at 1000 Veterans Place NW in Calgary. They've decorated this bush, dubbed "Nancy" by the Calgary Eyeopener crew, as a rival to Sid the Schrub. (Rachel Ward/CBC)

Tree half full or half empty? — Peterson Measurement, Inc.

"Here is the only plant in the home office of Peterson Measurement, Inc. Half of it recently died, but what remains is decorated with handmade beaded ornaments and a clown ornament (made by me)."

— Submitted by wife of the owner.

Marion Peterson

All thanks to Karen — NW Speech Language Pathology

"This is our sad little office plant. Actually, if not for the committed watering from my coworker Karen, this plant would have been gone years ago. Thanks to Karen it has grown about 2 feet!

"This is a big deal when you consider our open space office is made up of many micro-climates ranging from arctic to tropical. It doesn't have a name, but after hearing the tales of Sid the Shrub it might be time.

"So for your consideration here is our yet-to-be-named plant all ready for the holidays,"

— NW Speech Language Pathology team.

Rhonda Hellard

Book tree — Taylor Family Digital Library

"I work in the Taylor Family Digital Library at the University of Calgary. Because we house the Nickle Galleries and a multitude of archival and special collections material we cannot have real plants in our building.

"Instead we make do with our books. I offer you our Christmas tree made out of books. 

"No books have been harmed in the making of this tree, these are discarded duplicates. Regards,"

— Claudette Cloutier

Claudette Cloutier

Traditional decorative Christmas duck — OSI Clinic

"My duck is lighting up the office. 😁 Hope you enjoy him as much as we do! Always enjoy listening to you folks in the morning,"

— Heather Thompson, OSI Clinic.

Heather Thompson

And here are a few more.

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