Woman charged after animals found in distress in storage locker

A Calgary woman has been charged after two animals were found in a storage locker last month: a cat discovered under some boxes with tape wrapped around its head and a dog in a crate.

Cat was under some boxes and bound in tape, while dog was locked in a crate

This cat and dog were found locked in a southeast Calgary storage locker in January 2017. (Calgary Humane Society)

A Calgary woman has been charged after a cat and a dog were found in distress in a storage locker in the city's southeast last month.

The cat was found under some boxes with tape wrapped around its head, according to the Calgary Humane Society, while the dog was found in a crate. 

Storage facility staff heard noises coming from the crate and called police. 

Samantha Zychowski, 21, faces two charges under the Criminal Code of Canada — causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury, and abandoning an animal in distress or failure to provide necessary care.

She also faces one charge of causing an animal to be in distress contrary to the Animal Protection Act of Alberta.

Both animals have been adopted since being found, according to the Humane Society. 

Staff at the storage facility heard muffled noises coming from a unit and called police. (Kate Adach/CBC)