CBC Calgary, Suncor to receive award for annual food drive

CBC Calgary and partners at Suncor Energy have won a corporate philanthropy award for the annual Calgary Food Bank drive held in December that has raised more than $11 million in the past 27 years.

Annual food drive the largest cash-generating event of the year for the Calgary Food Bank

Last year the annual CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive managed to raise $1.3 million. (CBC)

CBC Calgary and our partners at Suncor Energy have won a corporate philanthropy award for the annual Calgary Food Bank drive held in December.

What started out 27 years ago as an employee-led initiative on CBC radio has turned into the largest cash-generating event of the year for the food bank.

CBC and Suncor will receive the the Generosity of Spirit Award on National Philanthropy Day Nov. 15 at the BMO Centre.

“They have consistently raised profile, food and funds for the Calgary Food Bank. Without this dynamic group of people who put their corporate muscle behind this campaign, far fewer Calgarians and southern Albertans would benefit from the support these efforts bring,” said food bank communication manager Dolores Coutts in a release.

“And without this campaign, we would be unable to meet the heavy demand of the winter season. It is unimaginable how many more families with children and individuals in need of support would face even greater difficulties. Without this help, people rapidly spiral into poverty.”

Calgary Eyeopener traffic reporter Angela Knight said the food bank was created after a really big downturn in the 1980s, and the need for it never seems to go away.

"It’s reflected every day in the stories we tell," she said. 

"We chose the food bank because they were transparent, provided immediate assistance and had no political or religious mandate or red tape. It’s easy for most people to relate to what the food bank does and how they do it and they assist the community in so many different ways."

More than $11M raised

The annual event has raised more than $11 million, including the $1.3 million that it raised last year.

“All of us at CBC Calgary truly believe in this campaign," said CBC communications manager Suzanne Waddell in a release.

"To us, it’s more than featuring the food bank on our radio, television and online platforms. Telling the stories of the food bank users and bringing the citizens of Calgary together for common good is something we all take great pride in. Most of us personally donate food or money because we know the need and believe in the good work the Calgary Food Bank accomplishes.”

This year's food bank campaign begins on Dec. 2.

“Our support of the Calgary Food Bank demonstrates our commitment to our partners," said Suncor spokesperson Joanne Manser in a release.

"We are approaching our 28th year of support and while we all wish we didn’t need a food bank, we are lucky to work with an organization this effective to help Calgarians. Without organizations like the Calgary Food Bank, Calgary would not be the strong, vibrant community it is today.”​


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