Cauliflower's soaring cost affects local businesses

Oil and gas producers in Alberta are likely watching the price of cauliflower with a mix of awe and jealousy these days.

While oil is scraping new lows, vegetable spikes due to drought and low loonie

Brendan Nichol, who manages the Sunterra Market in Bankers Hall, says the cost of a crate of cauliflower has soared. (Kate Adach/CBC)

Oil and gas producers are likely watching the price of cauliflower with a mix of awe and jealousy these days. 

The price of the white veggie has skyrocketed thanks to droughts in California and a Canadian dollar that's scraping rock bottom.

Brendan Nichol manages Sunterra Market in the Bankers Hall in Calgary. He says it normally costs about $50 for a crate of a dozen cauliflower heads, but the price has gone as high as $90 in the last week. 

"For our Valentine's Day meals, cauliflower soup was supposed to be one of the soups, and we've had to readjust our menu for that," he said.

At Bistro Rouge, Paul Rogalski is struggling to ensure his customers don't pay extra for the restaurant's popular cauliflower fritters, while Sunterra is absorbing some of the costs on its salad bar.

The "cauliflower crisis" has provided ample fuel for social media commentary. 

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Some were nostalgic for a simpler time.

Others were counting their billions.

Meanwhile, still others were considering the market implications on commodity trading (or something).

There were also plenty of people dismissing the oft-overlooked veggie.

And some took the time to consider the bigger picture and the privilege of complaining over the cost of a vegetable.