Card skimming operation uncovered in Cochrane

Roughly 130 people have fallen victim to a credit card scam at a fast food restaurant in Cochrane.

Restaurant card machine was compromised, say RCMP

Roughly 130 people have fallen victim to a credit and debit card scam at a fast food restaurant in Cochrane.

Cochrane RCMP say the restaurant's card machine was compromised. People who used it have since been victims of fraud or attempted fraud.

Police are warning the public to protect themselves against possibly revealing their PIN or using a tampered key pad.

They say if the terminal or key pad looks compromised or strange — for any reason — not to use it and to alert the employee.  

Business owners are asked to inspect the machines regularly for any evidence of tampering and to be aware of people in small groups attempting to distract the employee and swap out the terminal.  

RCMP say people should contact their bank immediately if they see something suspicious on their transaction history or suspect an unauthorized withdrawal or purchase on their account.