Canada election 2015: A look at Alberta's candidates and federal ridings

The federal election campaign is officially underway, but things will look a little different when politicians battle for votes in Alberta.

Alberta gained 6 new seats in last redistribution

With the new federal election boundaries in Alberta, residents will have to double check where their riding is for the fall election in October. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press)

The federal election campaign is officially underway, but things will look a little different when politicians battle for votes in Alberta.

The province gained six seats when the electoral boundaries were redrawn in 2012, bringing the total to 34 ridings.

Lori Williams from Mount Royal University thinks there may be three or four seats in play in both Calgary and Edmonton. She says recent infrastructure announcements in Calgary suggest the Conservatives are worried.

"We're used to people flying over and not paying any attention to us," she said. "It's interesting to see that vote is not being taken for granted anymore." 

Boundaries are constitutionally required to be reviewed every 10 years to make sure representation in Ottawa reflects the national population. Electoral redistribution will add 30 seats to the House of Commons in this election, for a new total of 338. Below is a look at the redistribution in Alberta. Click on the riding name for a detailed riding map. 

Calgary gains 2 seats

One of the biggest changes is the addition of two seats in Calgary for a total of 10, a change which also brought new riding names to the city for every seat except Calgary-Nose Hill and Calgary Centre.

While many Calgary MPs will vie for seats in new ridings, there are currently four constituencies where there are no incumbents on the ballot: Calgary-Confederation, Calgary-Rocky Ridge, Calgary-Shepard and Calgary-Signal Hill.

Calgary Centre

  • Conservative: Joan Crockatt (incumbent)
  • Liberal: Kent Hehr
  • NDP: Jillian Ratti
  • Green: Thana Boonlert
  • ​Independent: Yogi Henderson 

Calgary Confederation

  • Conservative: Len Webber (former Calgary-Foothills MLA)
  • Liberal: Matthew Grant
  • NDP: Kirk Heuser
  • ​Green: Natalie Odd
  • Marxist-Leninist Party: Kevan Hunter

Calgary Forest Lawn

  • Conservative: Deepak Obhrai (incumbent Calgary East)
  • Green: Judson Hansell
  • Liberal: Cam Stewart
  • NDP: Abdou Souraya 
  • Communist: Jason Devine
  • Democratic Advancement: Max Veress

Calgary Heritage

  • Conservative: Stephen Harper (incumbent Calgary-Southwest)
  • Green: Kelly Christie
  • Liberal: Brendan Miles
  • NDP: Matt Masters Burgener
  • Libertarian: Steven Paolasini
  • Independent: Korry Zepik
  • Independent: Nicolas Duchastel de Montrouge
  • Independent: Larry Heather

Calgary Midnapore

  • ​Conservative: Jason Kenney (incumbent Calgary-Southeast)
  • Liberal: Haley Brown
  • NDP: Laura Weston
  • Green: Brennan Wauters
  • ​Marxist-Leninist: Peggy Askin

Calgary Nose Hill

Incumbent Diane Ablonczy will not be running this fall. 

  • Conservative: Michelle Rempel (incumbent Calgary Centre-North)
  • Green: Laurie Scheer
  • Liberal: Ala Buzreba
  • NDP: Bruce Kaufman 
  • Libertarian: Edward Gao
  • Democratic Advancement: Faizan Butt

Calgary Rocky Ridge

  • Conservative: Pat Kelly
  • Liberal: Nirmala Naidoo
  • NDP: Stephanie Kot
  • Green Party: Catriona Wright

Calgary Shepard

  • Conservative: Tom Kmiec
  • Green: Graham Mackenzie
  • Liberal: Jerome James
  • NDP: Dany Allard

Calgary Signal Hill

  • Conservative: Ron Liepert (former Calgary-West MLA)
  • NDP: Khalis Ahmed
  • Green: Taryn Knorren
  • Liberal: Kerry Cundal
  • ​Libertarian: Tim Moen
  • Christian Heritage Party: Jesse Rau

Calgary Skyview

  • Conservative: Devinder Shory (incumbent Calgary- Northeast)
  • Green: Edward Reddy
  • Liberal: Darshan Singh Kang (former Calgary-McCall MLA)
  • NDP: Sahajvir Singh
  • Democratic Advancement: Stephen Garvey
  • ​Marxist-Leninist: Daniel Blanchard
  • PC Party: Najeeb Butt
  • Independent: Joseph Young
The federal riding map in the last election is on the left, while the new ridings are represented in the map on the right. (Elections Canada)

Edmonton name changes

Edmonton remains with eight seats, but there will be some new names to get used to from the last boundary change. Two ridings — Edmonton Centre and Edmonton Strathcona — retain the names used in the 2011 election. 

Edmonton Centre

  • Conservative: James Cumming
  • Liberal: Randy Boissonnault
  • Green: David Parker
  • Libertarian: Blaine Bilocerkowec
  • NDP: Gil McGowan
  • ​Rhinoceros: Steven Stauffer
  • Independent: Kat Yaki

Edmonton Griesbach

  • Conservative: Kerry Diotte
  • NDP: Janis Irwin
  • Liberal: Brian Gold
  • Green: Heather Workman
  • Rhinoceros: Bun Bun Thompson
  • Radical Marijuana: Linda Northcott
  • Marxist-Leninist: Mary Joyce
  • Libertarian: Maryna  Goncharenko

Edmonton Manning

  • Conservative: Ziad Aboultaif
  • NDP: Aaron Paquette
  • Liberal: Sukhdev Aujla
  • Green: Chris Vallee
  • Libertarian: Maryna Goncharenko
  • ​Independent: Mebreate Deres
  • ​Marxist-Leninist: André  Vachon

Edmonton Mill Woods

  • Conservative: Tim Uppal
  • Liberal: Amarjeet Sohi
  • NDP: Jasvir Deol
  • Independent: Collin Stubbs
  • Communist: Naomi Rankin
  • ​Libertarian: Allen K.W. Paley
  • ​Green Party: Ralph McLean
  • ​Christian Heritage Party: Peter Downing

Edmonton Riverbend

  • Conservative: Matt Jeneroux (former PC MLA)
  • Liberal: Tariq Chaudary
  • Green Party: Valerie Kennedy
  • NDP: Brian Fleck
  • Libertarian: Steven Lack

Edmonton Strathcona

  • Conservative: Len Thom
  • NDP: Linda Duncan (incumbent)
  • Liberal: Eleanor Olszewski
  • Green: Jacob Binnema
  • Rhino Party: Donovan Eckstrom
  • Pirate Party: Ryan Bromsgrove
  • ​Rhinoceros: Donovan Eckstrom
  • ​Independent: Chris Jones
  • Independent: Andrew Schurman
  • Marxist-Leninist: Dougal MacDonald
  • ​Libertarian: Malcolm Stinson

Edmonton West

  • Conservative: Kelly McCauley
  • NDP: Heather MacKenzie
  • Liberal: Karen Leibovici
  • Green: Pam Bryan
  • Libertarian: Alexander Dussault
  • Marxist-Leninist: Peggy Morton


  • Conservative: Mike Lake
  • Liberal: Jacqueline Biollo
  • NDP: Fritz Kathryn Bitz 
  • Green: Joy-Ann Hut
  • Libertarian: Brayden Whitlock

St. Albert–Edmonton

  • Conservative: Michael Cooper
  • Liberal: Beatrice
  • Independent: Brent Rathgeber (incumbent for Edmonton-St. Albert)
  • NDP: Darlene Malayko 
  • Independent: Brent Rathgeber
The federal riding map in the last election is on the left, while the new ridings are represented in the map on the right. (Elections Canada)

Red Deer splits

The Red Deer riding from the last federal election has been split into two for the vote this fall.

Red Deer–Lacombe

  • Conservative:  Blaine Calkins
  • Liberal: Jeff Rock
  • NDP: Doug Hart 
  • Green Party: Les Kuzyk

Red Deer–Mountain View

  • Conservative: Earl Dreeshen (incumbent Red Deer)
  • Liberal: Chandra Kastern
  • ​NDP: Paul Harris
  • Green Party: Simon Oleny 
  • Libertarian: James Walper
  • ​Pirate Party: ​Scott Milne 
The Red Deer riding has been split roughly in two for the federal election this fall. (Elections Canada)

Rural Alberta boost

Three additional seats have been added in the rest of the province, mostly in rural Alberta.

There are eight ridings — including the new southern Alberta riding of Bow River, as well as the redrawn constituency of Lethbridge — that feature incumbent-free candidate rosters.


  • Conservative: Blake Richards (incumbent Wild Rose)
  • Liberal: Marlo Raynolds
  • ​NDP:  Joanne Boissonneault 
  • Green: Mike MacDonald

Battle River–Crowfoot

  • Conservative: Kevin Sorenson (incumbent Crowfoot)
  • Liberal:  Andy Kowalski 
  • NDP:  Katherine Swampy
  • Green: Gary Kelly

Bow River

  • Conservative: Martin Shields
  • Liberal: William MacDonald Alexander
  • NDP:  Lynn MacWilliam
  • Green Party:  Rita Ann Fromholt
  • Independent: Andrew Kucy
  • Christian Heritage Party: Frans Vandestroet
  • ​Democratic Advancement: Fahed Khalid  


  • Conservative: John Barlow (incumbent Macleod)
  • Liberal: Tanya MacPherson 
  • NDP: Alison Thompson 
  • Green: Romy Tittel
  • Libertarian: Cory Morgan
  • Christian Heritage Party:  Marc Slingerland 

Fort McMurray–Cold Lake

  • Conservative: David Yurdiga
  • Liberal: Kyle Harrietha
  • ​NDP: Melody Lepine 
  • Green Party: Brian Deheer 
  • Libertarian: Scott Berry
  • Christian Heritage Party: Roelof  Janssen

Grande Prairie–Mackenzie

  • Conservative: Chris Warkentin
  • ​Liberal: Reagan Johnston 
  • NDP: Saba Mossagizi 
  • Green: James Friesen
  • ​Libertarian: Dylan Thompson


  • Conservative: Shannon Stubbs
  • ​Liberal: Garry Parenteau 
  • NDP: Duane Zaraska
  • Libertarian:  Robert McFadzean
  • Green Party: Danielle Montgomery


  • Conservative: Rachael Harder
  • Liberal: Mike Pyne
  • NDP: Cheryl Meheden
  • Green: Kas MacMillan
  • Christian Heritage Party: Geoffrey Capp
  • Rhinoceros Party: Solly Krygier-Paine 

Medicine Hat–Cardston–Warner

  • Conservative: Jim Hillyer (incumbent Lethbridge)
  • Liberal: Glen Allan
  • NDP: Erin Weir
  • ​Green: Brent Smith
  • Independent:  John Clayton Turner

Peace River–Westlock

  • Conservative: Arnold Viersen
  • Liberal: Chris Brown 
  • NDP: Cameron Alexis (former Assembly of First Nations regional chief of Alberta)
  • Green Party: Sabrina Lee Levac 
  • Libertarian: Jeremy Sergeew

Sherwood Park–Fort Saskatchewan

  • Conservative: Garnett Genuis
  • Liberal:  Rod Frank
  • NDP: Joanne Cave 
  • Green: Brandie Harrop
  • ​Independent: James Ford 
  • Libertarian:  Stephen Burry

Sturgeon River–Parkland

  • Conservative: Rona Ambrose (incumbent Edmonton–Spruce Grove)
  • Liberal:  Travis Dueck 
  • NDP: Guy Desforges 
  • Green: Brendon Greene
  • Christian Heritage Party: Ernest Chauvet 


  • Conservative: Jim Eglinski
  • Liberal: Ryan Maguhn
  • ​NDP: Ken Kuzminski 
  • Green Party:  Sandra Wolf Lange
  • Libertarian: Cory Lystang

Take a look at Elections Canada's official riding map for Alberta.


  • An earlier version of this story identified Megan Brown as a candidate in Calgary Centre, but she is not planning to run in the federal election.
    Aug 05, 2015 2:29 PM MT